Best Comic Book Covers:March 2012

Published on April 1st, 2012

It is that time of the month, when you pay your rent and your phone bill, but it is also the time to look back at some of the best covers from that past month. I was a bit in awe when I found out that my favorite was DareDevil #10 by Paolo Rivera


Aquaman #7

Who destroyed Atlantis? In the start of a new storyline, we follow the hunter as he stalks and kills his prey, claiming their weapons and armor as trophies. A golden shield, a golden helm…and the final prize is the most powerful of all: a golden trident. The only problem is, he’s going to have to go through Aquaman to get it. Who is he? What is the secret of Aquaman’s trident? And how does this all tie into the destruction of Atlantis?

Avengers vs X-Men #0 (OF 12) – Cover by Frank Cho

• The Return Of The Scarlet Witch! What Does This Mean For The Mutant Messiah Hope?

• Three Of The Hottest Names In Comics Kick Off The Biggest Event In Marvel History!

• And Did We Mention Frank Cho On Art?!


B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – The Long Death #2 – Cover by Duncan Fegredo

Agent Johann Kraus, the ectoplasmic man, leads a special task force through monster-filled northwestern woods packed with mangled campers in order to hunt and kill the man he blames for the host body he lost inKilling Ground.

* From the pages of Hellboy!

* It’s all Going to Hell in 2012!

DareDevil #10 – Cover by Paolo Rivera

• Meet Matt Murdock, one of New York’s finest attorneys by day and the crime-fighter Daredevil by night!

• Discover the dark secrets behind his first days in the costume, as the man without sight became the Man Without Fear!


Detective Comics #7 – Cover by  Tony S Daniel

Batman uncovers the truth behind a string of underworld killings involving a guest at the Penguin’s Iceberg Casino, but time is running out! Is unimaginable terror about to strike on the floating gambling den? And what will Bruce Wayne do now that he’s discovered some of Charlotte’s most well kept – and darkest – secrets?

It’s death and destruction in the highest of high stakes games at the Iceberg Casino!

Justice League International #7 – Cover by David Finch

With the Signal Men defeated and Earth saved from certain annihilation, the members of Justice League International expected to bask in glory and appreciation. Such is not the case as a new threat, one far more dangerous than anyone dared suspect, emerges and attacks with dire results, forever altering the team and sending it in a bold, new and unexpected direction.


Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #24 – Cover by Ig Guara & Norman Lee

• Final Issue!

• Giant Bugs Attack The Earth!

• But That’s Just The Beginning Of Giant Girl’s Problems When The Bug She Loves Most, Ant Man, Disappears!

• Can Spider-Man Help Her Find Him?

SuperGirl #7 – Cover by Mahmud Asrar

It’s Supergirl versus the Worldkillers! But who are they, and where did they come from? What is their connection to Krypton? More important, can the Girl of Steel stop them before they make good on their names and destroy Earth?


The Sixth Gun #20 -Cover by Brian Hurtt

The Six—when brought together under the right circumstances—can rewrite all of creation. This is the true power of the weapons that have fallen into Drake Sinclair and Becky Montcrief’s hands. This is the power the Knights of Solomon wish to unlock. But Drake isn’t sharing what he knows—and the Knights are prepared to introduce him to their cruelest member in order to rip the secrets from him!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 – Cover by Kevin Eastman & Dan Duncan

It’s nonstop excitement in this action packed issue of TMNT!

Baxter Stockman’s latest inventions have found the Turtles lair in the sewers and it’s a scramble for survival… and not everyone will make it out safely! General Krang also provides the answers to some lingering mysteries! AND Casey Jones and April make an important connection??

This issue has it all!

There you go! Some of the best covers of March, 2012. Remember,the first day of the month I will be posting some of my favorite covers of the past month.

Simon Daoudi