The Impact: March 3rd – 9th 2012

Published on March 9th, 2012

Hey Guys, how’s everyone doing today? Another week another astonishing exciting installment of The Impact. What a week as DC pushes it’s digital presence even further with a redesigned website and new Vertigo app. Let’s get right to it with this week’s installment of The Impact.

DC Launches new Website. Gives Vertigo It’s Own Stand Alone App.


This week DC Comics launched a completely redesigned website.  Along with the sleek new look the site now offers a chance for fans to comment through Facebook, we also got our first look at new Before Watchmen art by  Lee Bermejo  and a very cool new promotional picture of Batman From The Dark Knight Rises. Also launching this week is the first stand alone app for Vertigo Comics where currently they are selling issues of Sandman for 99 cents. All I really have to say about that is, about time. So what do you guys think of the new DC Comics Website?


DC Unveils Jim Lee  FCBD Cover.


Courtesy of The Source. Check out the cover to the comic DC is  providing retailers for Free Comic Book Day. Nothing really to add other than it is very pretty. DC is wisely also releasing the hardcover of the first arc of the Justice League that week as well. You can pick up your own copy on Free Comic Book Day which this year falls on May 5th.

David Mazzucchelli Doesn’t Want You To Buy  the New Batman: Year One Hardcover Collection.

batmanyearonedeIn an interview with The Comics Journal,  Batman: Year One Artist David Mazzucchelli urged fans NOT to buy the soon to be released Deluxe Edition hardcover collection.

DC just sent me this book last week, and I really hope people don’t buy it. I didn’t even know they were making it, and I don’t understand why they thought it was necessary —  several years ago, DC asked me if I’d help put together a deluxe edition of Batman: Year One, and Dale Crain and I worked for months to try to make a definitive version. Now whoever’s in charge has thrown all that work in the garbage. First, they redesigned the cover, and recolored my artwork — probably to look more like their little DVD that came out last year; second, they printed the book on shiny paper, which was never a part of the original design, all the way back to the first hardcover in 1988; third — and worst — they printed the color from corrupted, out-of-focus digital files, completely obscuring all of Richmond’s hand-painted work. Anybody who’s already paid for this should send it back to DC and demand a refund.

Mazzucchelli explained that he wrote letter and e-mails to the president, publisher, and editors of special editions and has received no response. This is a real shame and disrespectful to one of the creators of one of if not the greatest Batman story ever put to paper. And let’s be honest here, it’s pretty hard to make Batman: Year One look bad, which means if they succeeded they must have worked hard at not working hard.  In contrast Mazzucchelli said he has worked closely with Scott Dunbier on The Artist’s Edition of Daredevil: Born Again. Which just so everyone knows Daredevil is my favorite comic character and my Birthday is May 16th. Just saying.

Marvel Offers Digital Copies on All $3.99 Titles. All $2.99 Titles Go Self-Cover.

Today Marvel announced several changes in it’s publishing model.  Starting in June all of it’s $3.99 titles will now include digital download codes .  Starting in April all of it’s $2.99 titles will now have a self-covers. Self covers are when the cover and interior pages all have the same paperstock. Marvel started using the self-covers with books like Fantastic Four. I’m no a huge fan self covers make the book thinner and a bit flimsier. What do you guys think?

Look Out!!! Here Comes the Spider-Men.

Today Marvel released another teaser image indicating that Miles Morales is meeting Peter Parker. Being a teaser very few details are known like which Peter Parker Miles would meet? Is this a one-shot, mini-series, or if it’s taking place in the main title?  Brian Bendis is writing. Sara Pichelli  and colorist Justin Ponsor’s on art and Jim Cheung is the cover artist. I’m always down for more Miles Morales so sign me up. I get the feeling this is where Miles will finally get his webshooters. Spider-Men hits stores this June.


Marvel Teases a Wedding in Liu’s Astonishing X-Men.

Marvel just released this teaser hinting at a wedding in Majorie Liu’s Astonishing X-Men run. No other details were released so start speculating fanboys and fangirls, who is getting hitched?

The Lone Ranger Classes it Up. First Look at Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger.

On Thursday Producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted the first official image of Lone Ranger and Tonto. Ditching his traditional blue shirt Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger classes it up with a stylin’  black suit. Johnny Depp is giving us a whole new look to Tonto that we have never seen before. While this is far from traditional I’m trusting the talent on this one. I thought Armie Hammer was great in The Social Network and Depp is always fun to watch on film. I hope that Gore Verbinski can match the fun pulpy tone of the original Pirates of the Caribbean and that the screenwriter looked very closely at Brett Matthews Dynamite Entertainment  run which was fantastic.


Well there you go guys that’s all the news making it’s way around the blogosphere. Hope you all have a great weekend and if any of you guys are  going to WonderCon next week let me know or if you see me wandering around don’t hesitate to stop me and say hi.Have a good one, take care.

Matthew Todd