Did You Catch All That? – March 2012

Published on March 30th, 2012

You’ve been called to the office Comic Impact. Simon, Susan and Sheldon sit you down and give you a hard talk in a loving way. They also throw some knowledge your way for the month of March! That’s right it is time for Did You Catch All That?So if you fell into some kind of Carbon Freeze and missed all the good stuff that came out in comic news this month then let Simon, Sheldon & Susan walk you through it!     This month we sit you down and give you reasons to rejoice for Spring is here (note: Spring is not here in every city) and what better way to celebrate Spring than with talk of new and exciting comics! We start off the show with “The Big Talk”. You’ve been bad and we just want to show you that we care. Then we move onto a quick look at Pro’s and Con’s News.Susan then gives us a little Girl on Girl Action and Simon talks to us about what is “On Shelves Now”! Sheldon tells us some Movie news and then well there is soooo much more. Check out the March episode of “Did You Catch All That?!” and remember it is all because Comic Impact Loves you.

Sheldon Lee


00:00:11 -Introduction
00:01:40 -Pros and Cons

  • Wonder Con 2012
  • Emerald City Comic Con 2012
  • Jean Giraud A.K.A Moebius  R.I.P
  • IDW Announces

00:04:47-Girl on Girls

  • Green Lantern #7
  • SuperGirl #7
  • Green Arrow #8
  • Saga #1

00:06:15 -Simon has Issues

  • Batman and Robin #7

00:07:40 comics on film

  • AMC Theaters Marvel Marathon

00:08:00-Scared Yet?

  • Justic League Dark #7
  • I,Vampier #7

00:08:46 -Sheldon has Issues

  • Adventure Time #2

00:09:40 -On Shelves Now

  • Avengers The Children’s Crusade
  • X-Men Season One

00:10:33-I Made It Myself

  • Heart
  • Peter Pamzerfaist
  • Chin Music
  • No Place Like Home

00:12 :12 -Susan has issues

  • Nightwing #7

00:13:22 -Wrap it up