The Impact: February 11th -17th 2012

Published on February 17th, 2012

Hey Everyone, hope you’re all having a great week as we enter the President’s Day weekend. Things remain busy as ever in the comic industry as the Con season gets ever so close. So sit back relax and check out this week’s installment of The Impact.

Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon Re-Team on The Incredible Hulk.

Courtesy of Marvel.  In a conference call Marvel held earlier this week it was announced that Steve Dillon will joining Jason Aaron on then next arc of The Incredible Hulk, “Stay Angry.” Fresh off their masterful collaboration on Punisher Max details are still scarce but Aaron shared what we could expect, including that the Hulk will team-up with the Punisher.

“It comes about after the end of ‘Hulk vs. Banner’ and it changes the Hulk’s status quo. Incredible Hulk #1 came out of the gate with a whole new dynamic. That gets tweaked again after issue #7. That flows right into ‘Stay Angry.'” The new arc will be a five issue story, relatively self contained with different artists. Aaron hinted each issue would see the Hulk in different locales. “All along the way, he has to stay angry in order to survive.”

“Stay Angry” kicks off this May. I’m one of Aaron’s biggest fans and I love a lot of the elements of his Hulk run but for some reason this book has just not been gelling for me. That said I will definitely check out the Punisher Max creative team reunion.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Will Crossover With Doctor Who

This May the Doctor, Amy, and Rory will be meeting Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation/ Doctor Who: Assimilation2.The sci-fi icons are brought together to fight the double threat of the Cybermen and the Borg in an eight-issue mini-series by Scott and David Tipton. The series will feature fully painted artwork by J.K. Woodward. Crossovers can be tricky but I will definitely be there to check out the first issue. Two important questions remain, Will Picard order the TARDIS to “Engage?” And will the Doctor order Earl Grey. hot, from the replicator? Only time will tell.

This week Sam Humphries Announced as Writer of Not One Series But Two.


Talk about making your own success. Writer Sam Humphries self published two books in the past six months, Our Love is Real and the six-issue mini-series Sacrifice. That lead to him landing two series at BOOM! Studios, Fanboys vs. Zombies and Higher Earth and TWO series at Marvel, John Carter: The God of Mars and the just announced  Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates. In a live blog press conference held yesterday Marvel announced that Sam will be co-writing with Jonathan Hickman starting with issue ten, coming out in May. When asked about Humphries Hickman said “I wanted to work with somebody who has a fresh voice and who is clearly talented. I’m ecstatic to be working with Sam, he’s got some real game.”

Hickman will implement the process he and Brian Michael Bendis used while working on Secret Warriors where Humphries will write the first pass and Hickman will do the final polish and eventually the series will be completely handed over to Sam.  When asked about his approach to the series Humphries was quoted,

“This is about taking these big characters and putting them in a world of constant turmoil, pulling the rug out from under them all the time. Each one has a different foundation and background, so I’m looking forward to showing how they react in crisis.”

This is very exciting and very inspiring to anyone who wants to make comics, just do it, get your stuff out there and see what can happen.

Marvel Responds to the Gary Friedrich Ghost Rider Lawsuit.

garyfriedrichOh boy, what a mess. Last week we talked about the litigation between Marvel and Ghost Rider Co-Creator Gary Friedrich. A litigation that resulted in Marvel asking for $17,000 in damages from a creator who is frankly can’t pay it. This ignited another explosive debate about creator rights. Some creators pledging they will no longer sketch characters they do not own. To help combat some of the bad PR and explain their side of the story Marvel Chief-Creative-Officer Joe Quesada and Publisher Dan Buckley sat down with CBR. I recommend you all read the entire thing  but here are some of the more interesting segments particularly regarding Marvel’s policies on artist alley.

Quesada: Let me put this as simply as I can: Marvel is not looking to make any new policy announcements through this lawsuit — a lawsuit that began five years ago.

As a case in point, the Internet and the creative community became incredibly concerned when Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, thinking that Marvel now wouldn’t return original art to its artists, even despite my publicly stating the contrary. As you can see, that was unfounded.
Buckley: We in no way want to interfere with creators at conventions who are providing a positive Marvel experience for our fans. We want fans to speak and interact with the creators who wrote, penciled, inked, lettered, colored or edited their favorite stories. Part of that positive interaction is that a fan can walk away with a signed memento or personalized sketch from an artist.

This is far from over and either way  I think this will be a very unhappy ending for everyone involved.

CW Add More to the Cast of Arrow.

Last week we talked about the casting of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow this week we learned that he will be joined by Katie Cassidy as Dinah “Laurel” Lance, Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother and Willa Holland as Thea Queen, Oliver’s sister.

Sony Releases International Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

While there are not a lot differences between this and the trailer released last week I like the editing on this trailer better. I also like that Peter mentions responsibility. Minor tweaks sure, but important ones. Garfield and Stone have completely sold me on their characters and  I think this movie is going to surprise a lot of people, at least I hope it does. The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters July 3rd 2012.

Well there you have it there is this week’s installment of The Impact. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care.

Matt Todd