Horror on the 13th – January 2012

Published on January 13th, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!!! I’m super excited, because not only is it a Friday AND the 13th, BUT it’s also HORROR on the 13th! Woo hoo! Yay me! Wow, that may have been far too much cheering for the beginning of this article. Let’s start over.

Hello and welcome to a Friday the 13 edition of Horror on the 13th! I, of course, am Susan, your “Horror Girl” (which we all learned is very different from being the “Whore Girl”).

The topic of this month’s article is one that is very near and dear to my heart.  Since I know that you all watch my videos and listen to my podcasts, I don’t think I have to repeat this. However, for those who might be brand spanking new to Comic Impact, I will let you in on what’s going on with Susan (me): I’m obsessed with werewolves.

Shocking! Revealing! Actually, it’s totally not, because anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love me some werewolves. That being said, I have read very few werewolf based comics. It’s really sad. The boys keep trying to get me to read X-Factor, simply because I love werewolves that much. Now, my question to all of you (and I am seriously asking), where are the wolf books?

reed_gunther_7This very week, the most fun book in comics, Reed Gunther, did an issue with a werewolf. That made me exceptionally happy! Granted, Chris and Shane Houghton are brilliant and have amazing taste, so I would expect them to put the most amazing monster in their most amazing book. In fact, this is a werewolf that the entire family can enjoy. Watch Reed and Sterling tame a beast and feed him pancakes. I like that they demonstrate the diverse nature of the wolf creature. I agree with the character design, and it’s the perfect way to balance the scary and the humor in the werewolf. Overall, Reed Gunther does it again.

Recently, someone dear to me lent me a copy of Werewolf by Night. Pretty amazing stuff in there! I enjoyed the battle between human and wolf in that one. Jack Russell (could we possibly be cheesier with his name?) really struggles with his inner beast, so much so that he builds a secret holding cell where he can safely make his change without harm to his lady and unborn child. This particular werewolf story I felt ended rather abruptly. I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Jack passed the curse to is daughter, then dies. The next few pages are dedicated to her life, and then it just kind of ends. Not cool, guys. I like me some female wolves just as much as I like the male ones! I would love to see another story focusing on the daughter and what she went through with her wolf self.  Really though, I love a good werewolf action flick, and this was that in comic form. I had fun reading this one.

Now, this third book I’m going to touch on might be me jumping the gun. It’s only in its first issue, and I have no idea whether or not these creatures are really werewolves or not. That being said, it’s a pretty amazing book with wolf-like monsters. Foster by Brian Buccellato really hits the mark as far as the mysterious goes. In the beginning, this seems like a normal crime book about a junkie or something along those lines. If it that were all that was going on, I probably would have joined the Simon/Sheldon club of “Who Cares”. Luckily, for everyone daring enough to keep going, this is not the case. A wolfish creature attacks this family, and it just keeps building from there. Whatever these things are, I need to know. If they are werewolves, then I’m hooked. If not, then Mr. Buccellato is just a giant wolf tease and he and I will have words.


And so, we come to the question I’ve been posing this entire article: Where are my wolf books? Clearly, Reed Gunther understand the humor in them. Foster gets how powerful and underhanded they can be (provided those are werewolves). And, had I not posed this question to another werewolf fanatic, I might never have found Werewolf by Night. Seriously. I need suggestions people! My wolf addiction must be enabled. I hope you enjoy a lovely Friday the 13th!

Until next month, stay scared!