LBCC 2011 :Richard Starkings

Published on November 3rd, 2011


For a long time now we have been telling you how amazing ELEPHANTMEN is. Well guess what now we got the man,the legend, the creator, the one and only Richard Starkings.This time around he tells us why is the perfect time to jump on ELEPHANTMEN and some details of the upcoming volume 0.

We also find out where this book is heading in the next year! This is an Interview you really don’t wanna miss if you’re a fan of mind blowing science fiction. Imagine Planet of the Apes with some Philip K. Dick and that’s what you get with ELEPHANTMEN from Image Comics.Sit back and enjoy our conversation and find out how you can get a free sketch if your ever at the same convention as the rest of the ELEPHANTMEN team.

Simon Daoudi