The Impact:October 2nd-9th 2011

Published on October 7th, 2011

Hey everyone! Matt here, to give you all the news making its way around the comic blogosphere. Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest installment of The Impact.

….In case you missed any of the previous news from the week you can check it out at the links below.

First Look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El

Avenging Spider-Man, Marvel to Offer Free Digital Copy with Purchase of Print Copy.

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. Because they know we love our comics polybagged, Marvel announced that fans who buy a print copy of Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira’s  Avenging Spider-Man #1 will get a download code for a free digital copy of the book.  This is clearly a response to DC’s Digital Combo Pack. It’s a smart move. I think the major two should consider doing this  more often. Aaaand from the sound of the FAQ Marvel sent to retailers it sounds like they will. I think If they want to charge us $4.99 for a comic they should include a digital copy of an extra book (it could be the previous issue or a different book that is not selling as well) that I think might get people to cough up the extra buck.


Marvel is Cruel… Possibly teases the Return of Bucky.

Today Marvel Comics released a teaser that seems to indicate that Bucky Barnes or at least the Winter Soldier will be returning in early 2012. The black background with the lone red star echo a similar teaser Marvel released when Steve Rogers returned. Bucky Barnes has s become one of my favorite Marvel characters and I am not going to lie this is seriously toying with my emotions. Now you are just being mean Marvel.

Barnes and Noble Pull DC Graphic Novels from Shelves.

Last week DC Comics announced it would be digitally releasing one-hundred graphic novel exclusively to the Kindle Fire.  This includes books like All Star Superman, The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, and Sandman. This move did not make Barnes and Noble happy, not one bit because their e-reader the Nook was excluded. So Barnes and Noble has decided to pull those titles from their store shelves. Customers will still be able to special  order them at the store or through Barnes and Noble’s website. DC released an official statement:

barnes_and_noble“We are disappointed that Barnes & Noble has made the decision to remove these books off their shelves and make them unavailable to their customers.

DC Entertainment will continue to make our content available to our fans and new readers through multiple distribution channels including locally-owned comic book retailers, independent bookstores, other bookstore chains and other widespread means such as online through Amazon and through our apps on iOS and select Android powered devices as well as new and exciting devices going forward.

As one of the largest book publishers in North America, DC Entertainment’s publishing strategy is to give our consumers the choice to read our stories in whichever format they prefer but we also know that nothing will ever take away from the joy and collectability of physical books, comics and graphic novels.”

I have a feeling this will not last. Barnes and Noble is angry but in the end they want to make money. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as the story progresses.

Nike Enlists Amanda Connor and Jan Duursema in New Ads.

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. Check this out. Amanda Connor art can make anything exciting. In a very cool move Nike enlisted the best female artist in comics to create these ads showcasing their products in their Make Yourself: A Super Power Campaign. Man this makes me miss Amanda Connor on a monthly book.


First Trailer for The Avengers Online Next Tuesday.

Tuesday!!! Tuesday!!! Tuesday!!! In less than a week the first official trailer for The Avengers will hit the web. Marvel Studios confirmed the news yesterday. This makes sense, releasing it Tuesday will properly start the hype machine, allowing us to all talk about it on Wednesday  at the comic shop, then things will explode on Saturday when Marvel Studios will have their huge  Avengers panel at New York Comic Con. The panel which will feature Kevin Feige (Producer), Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill) and it will debut new footage . Stay tuned we will post it as soon as it’s available.

New Photos from Man of Steel showcase Henry Cavill and Amy Adams.


Courtesy of ComicBookMovie and SuperHeroHype. Earlier this week we got our first look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El in full Kryptonian regalia. Now we get some new photos from the set mountain man Clark Kent, who is probably still in his pre-Superman traveling the world phase.  and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Man of Steel hits theaters  June 14, 2013.

Matthew Vaughn options Mark Millar’s Superior.

News broke this week that Director/Producer Matthew Vaughn has bought the rights to Mark Millar and Lenil Francis Yu’s comic, Superior. It is unknown whether or not Vaughn plans to direct the film as well as produce. I think Vaughn would do a fantastic job with this character and I look forward to seeing how this film develops. Millar is also allowing the National MS Society permission to use the character to raise awareness and fundraise for research. I think that is very cool. Superior has been on of my favorite things Millar has written because, so far, it has lacked the cynical, and sometimes mean edge that permeates his work.

New Batman Animated Series, Beware the Batman, Announced for 2013.


A new Batman animated series was revealed this week at the MIP Junior Conference in Cannes, France. At the conference, Warner Bros. Animation executive vice president for creative affairs, Sam Register unveiled  Beware the Batman, a CGI animated series that will be executive-produced by Glen Murakami. In the series Batman will face off with some of his more recent and obscure villains like Professor Pyg, but  we will still see some familiar rouges like the Joker.  Helping Batman along the way is “a gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth” and Katana, his ninja female sidekick. Register made sure to note that Katana is not a Robin replacement. Now I am always down for a new animated series featuring Batman but the gun toting Alfred does make me raise an eyebrow. I am however, pleased to see he has a female sidekick. Look for Beware the Batman to premiere sometime in 2013.

Second Batman: Year One Clip.

Check out this second clip from Warner Bros. Animated adaptation of Batman: Year One. I’m most looking forward to this to see Bryan Cranston’s performance as Gordon. I think he would make a great Gordon in a live action post-Nolan Batman movie. Keep that in mind Warner Bros. Batman: Year One will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 18th and on Pay-Per-View a week earlier on October 11th.

Well, there you go folks, that is all the news that’s fit to print. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned to ComicImpact as we bring you all the latest and greatest comic news.

Matt Todd