The Impact:October 22nd-29th 2011

Published on October 28th, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m Matt and I am here to give you all the news making its way around the comic blogosphere.With all the excitement cooling down from New York Comic Con. This was a lighter week in terms of announcements and news but there was still some really cool stuff, including the fact that we are getting a Criminal movie…Written by Ed Brubaker!!!! So sit back relax and enjoy this week’s installment of The Impact.

Brubaker to Adapt Coward For the Big Screen

avengingspiderman1Avenging Spider-Man Pre-orders Top 100,000. Marvel Extends Digital Combo Pack Offer.

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. With pre-orders for the new Zeb Wells Joe Madureira Spider-Man ongoing series, Avenging Spider-Man topping 100,000; Marvel announced this week that it has extended it’s free digital download program through issue three. I think this is very cool. While I do like my Justice League combo pack paying the extra buck will start to take it’s toll on my wallet.

The Walking Dead Picked Up by AMC For a Third Season.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. After last week’s premiere was declared a ratings blockbuster with 7.3 million viewers AMC officially picked up the series for a third season. In a statement released Tuesday AMC president Charlie Collier said, “Today we are pleased to announce that the ‘dead’ shall live as we proudly renew The Walking Dead for a third season on AMC and, globally, with our terrific partners at Fox International Channels.” This is great news while I still think the show could pick up the pace a bit it really is starting to find it’s feet and you can tell the actors are much more comfortable in their roles.

WonderCon Announces First 2012 Guests.

Courtesy of This week WonderCon confirmed the first guests for the 2012 convention. The list includes Sergio Aragones, Mark Evanier, Matt Fraction, Michael Golden, Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, Eric Powell, Bob Schreck, Fiona Staples and J. Michael Straczynski. This year WonderCon will not be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center due to a massive  renovation instead it will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center March 16-18th 2012.

Batman: Arkham City Continues to get Cooler.

Courtesy of SuperHeroHype and TheEffectsLab. It has only been out for a little over a week and Batman: Arkham City has sold over 4.6 million copies, which is more than double the amount Batman: Arkham Asylum sold in the same amount of time. Also this week  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment also released our first official trailer featuring the Nightwing DLC bundle, which  looks great. With this and the current run on Nightwing by Kyle Higgins it is a very good time to be a fan of Dick Grayson.

One last thing regarding Arkham City. Some members of a special effects message board known as the The Effects Lab created a real life an AMAZING Batman costume based on the designs used in Batman: Arkham City. This is the coolest Batman costume I have ever seen It perfectly balances the realistic and fantastical elements. I hope that the future costume designer from the inevitable Batman reboot takes some notes from these guys.

batsuit1 batsuit3


The Dark Knight Rises 6-Minute Prologue Confirmed.

Speaking of Batman awesomeness… This week, a story in last week’s edition of The Impact was confirmed courtesy of Forbes. There will be a six-minute prologue to Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises playing in front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. There is a catch however. It will only be playing in IMAX theaters that project on 70mm film and not on Digital IMAX theaters. So you may want to check with your theaters in advance to make sure it is playing there.

Well, there you go folks, that is all the news that’s fit to print. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned to Comic Impact as we bring you all the latest and greatest comic news.

Matt Todd