POW:October 19th 2011 Hulk# 43

Published on October 25th, 2011

Hello one and all, it is a new week and with that comes a new Pick of The Week! Join Sheldon, Simon and Matt as they go through all the wonderful books this week….also some not so wonderful books. That’s right, the boys talk about The Pick, HULK #43 by the ever so talented Jeff Parker and equally as talented artist Patrick Zircher! They talk about Snyder’s weekly royalty checks, Batman# 2, …eeeek Fear Itself #7 of 7 of 1,000, Avengers# 18, the final issue of Uncanny X-MenJustice League #2, Nightwing #2, Supergirl#2, Wonder Woman #2, and Sheldon gets an apology from Simon about Red Hood and The Outlaws #2! All this and someones pregnant! Well, ok  no ones really pregnant but with this group you can never tell! So strap in, and enjoy the wild ride that is The Pick of The Week!

Running Time:01:07:20
Music: Lawrence of Arabia Main Title – Maurice Jarre

Sheldon Lee



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