Horror on the 13th – October 2011

Published on October 13th, 2011

Welcome to Horror House! Actually, it’s just a video version of “Horror of the 13th” with your favorite horror girl, Susan! If you like horror comics, horror movies, or just really scary people, you’re going to really like watching Susan and Steve Niles talk about all that stuff! Oh, and the scary people, it’s just us, because it’s a little scary how much we love our monsters. Also, pay attention, because you need to know some stuff about Mr. Niles in order to answer our Comic Impact Halloween Costume Contest trivia question. Susan asks it in this very stylized, very terrifying video. Turn out the lights and build a blanket fort to properly enjoy this video version of “Horror on the 13th”!

Halloween Costume Contest 2011 has been extended till November 5 2011

Official Rules

  • 1. Costumes must be comic book related
  • 2. Print out a “Comic Impact Halloween Logo.” – download it here
  • 3. Take a picture of you in your costume holding the logo and  answer the trivia question by writing it LEGIBLY on your logo print out.
  • 4. No photoshop other than basic color adjustment.
  • 5. No Convention or professional photographs.
  • 6. JPG format only.
  • 7. One entry per person.
  • 8. You must give your name as you’d like it to appear with the entry.
  • 9. Halloween Costume Contest 2011 has been extended till November 5 2011
  • 10. HAVE FUN!

Please send all contest photos to contact@comicimpact.com