Review: Green Arrow #1

Published on September 12th, 2011

If I am being totally honest with you all (and I hope I can be), I was not excited about the “New 52” from DC. I’m a DC girl and have been my entire life. To have them decide to change my world was not something I was too happy with. Now, I let down my guard a bit when I read that J.T. Krul was still going to be writing Oliver Queen’s adventures. I have to say, I was right to do so, because Green Arrow #1 was a fun ride with my favorite man with a quiver.


Let me first get into the things that I liked about this book. I really enjoyed seeing how technology was integrated into Ollie’s world. I know that seems like a silly to thing to like, but other incarnations of Green Arrow give him sort of primitive communication skills. It might be that in the past, they were trying to play into the Robin Hood thing he always had going on. But there is more than one way to rob from the rich and give to the poor. I think that’s what J.T. Krul figured out while rewriting this character. I like that Arrow is dealing with villains, and not just corporations or people who feel he owes them something. He was out on the town taking care of business while still plugged into all that is happening at Queen Industries. I really enjoyed that part of the book.

But I expect a certain level of, how shall I delicately put this, crudeness to the character of Oliver Queen. He kills, womanizes, and has political views way off the charts. I’m not going to discount the new Ollie that’s been created, but come on! Green Arrow should at least be a PG-13 rating. I felt that this first issue seemed a bit watereddown for kids or pre-teens the age group that isn’t quite ready to like girls, but maybe has thought about it once or twice. The book is still rated Teen, which makes me think that I will see more of the Green Arrow I have loved for so long. However, I don’t know what that means for my future as a Green Arrow enthusiast. Maybe I will be sold on the new Ollie eventually, but as of now I’m on the fence.

As I am with all the books in this “New 52”, I’m taking Green Arrow one issue at a time. For what this was, it was a fun adventure with Oliver Queen, and that was what I was looking for to kick off his new series. I have faith that everything else will just kind of fall back into place.

Susan Damon