DC Comics The New 52 Podcast:Week 3

Published on September 29th, 2011

Greeting guys and gals! Welcome to Week 3 of the “New 52” Podcast from Comic Impact. This time around, Sheldon ate too much salad and couldn’t join the fun, so we have Simon, Rob, and (making her first appearance on any podcast) Susan!

Basically, we love anything by Scott Snyder. The love affair with him continues. Susan and Rob curse a lot about the new Catwoman title (literally). Simon is underwhelmed by a few of his pick ups this week, and everyone’s pull list gets shorter.

Listen to Rob and Simon bond over their love for Deadman. Find out why Susan might break her ban on the Superman family. Week 3 of the “New 52” Podcast is full of the stuff we love (and hate) about comics. Plus, we have Susan and we know you all want more of her 🙂

Running Time: 01:16:36

Music: The final countdown – Europe

Susan Damon


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