Review: X-Men Schism #2

Published on August 2nd, 2011

I love giant killer robots. Seeing the X-Men fight Sentinels is something that brings me back to my childhood when I would sit in front of the TV every Saturday morning to watch the animated X-Men TV series. With X-Men Schism #2, it’s like Jason Aaron reached into my head and decided to give me exactly what I wanted in an X-Men book and I thank him for it.

schism2So at this point, all the world’s leaders are super pissed off at mutants after a telepath named Quentin Quire decided to show up at a peace conference and demonstrate how powerful Mutants can be. If a guy decided to make me speak all my dirty little secrets on global television, I might be pissed off too. Unfortunately, now every country in the world is bringing out all their old Sentinels to prove how tough they are against mutants. On the bright side, these things have been so poorly maintained that they’re either falling apart, or going on a random rampage in the country it’s supposed to protect. Once again, it’s up to the X-Men to protect the people that would kill them if they could.

This is just a back to basics story that I think the X-Men sorely need. It’s keeping with the themes of prejudice that made X-Men an amazing book for decades. Is this the greatest X-Men story ever told? Doubtful. Does it have its issues? Absolutely. For starters, I could not stand the way Cyclops looked in this issue. He looked like a robot with a bad comb-over. Also, the little kids that were killing aliens and have taken over the Hellfire club were a little too ridiculous. Any problems I did have with the book went out the window in the middle of the book where you see several teams of X-Men just trashing Sentinel after Sentinel. I would absolutely love to own the page where Rogue and Kitty Pryde are working together to stop one of these mutant hunting robots.

I feel that it is interesting to watch Cyclops and Wolverine interact because we know that by the end of this series these two characters will split off from the X-Men. Obviously, Wolverine has always had issues with how Cyclops leads the team and there’s a few things in this issue that I understand would really piss off Wolverine. But when you look at Cyclops you see how much respect he has for Wolverine and how much he depends on him. Logan is Cyclops’ go to guy and without him, the X-Men could be in a lot of trouble. Although Scott just seems to be so caught up in what he’s doing he doesn’t even notice how much he’s bothering Wolverine.

So far, I’m really enjoying this comic and as a long time X-Men fan it would be hard for me to not love it. Once again, Jason Aaron has gone above and beyond my expectations. It’s a very simple and basic story, but it is a very engaging read and I can’t wait for the next issue. Which, fortunately for me, is only a couple of weeks away.

Ken Zeider