POW:August 17th 2011 Daredevil #2

Published on August 24th, 2011

Come one, come all to the Greatest Podcast on Earth! Listen as these three podcasterers defy death itself and navigate the murky waters of  comics for the week of August 17th 2011! We start the top of the show off with Sheldon defying death by not picking Captain America #2 and  going with his Pick of  the Week, Daredevil #2. He then makes us gaze at our own humanity, as he holds a mirror up to reveal Hulk #39. Then we move on to the shock and horror of Simon walking a tight rope of understanding with The Walking Dead #88, as well as the last Abin Sur Flashpoint! We end this spectacle of a podcast with Ken “The Bearded Man” Zeider talking us through the dangerous act of Spider-Island and Venom #6 , as well as staring into Hell itself with Hellblazer. All this and so much more is in store for you when you listen to what is truly a one of a kind podcast for The Pick Of The Week!

Running Time: 01:12:17
Music: Sound And Vision – David Bowie

Sheldon Lee



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