Did You Catch All That? – August 2011

Published on August 30th, 2011


Simon finally found Susan and Sheldon, so they are all back for the August edition of “Did You Catch All That?”  It turned into a nice welcoming of the “New 52” this month as we said good bye to some DC books and welcomed others. Simon has issues with Detective Comics #881, while Susan paid tribute to all her DC ladies in “Girl on Girls.” Sheldon stayed true to his Marvel roots, picking Punisher as his issue and giving his two cents about Fear Itself. Meanwhile, Susan showed some love for the Doctor Who Annual, scared us all with “Are You Scared Yet?”, gave us some amazing creator owned recommendations.  Simon mixed it up with “On Shelves Now” before joining up with the whole gang for the new segment, “Comics on Film”. All in all, August was a great month for comics and for Sheldon’s drinking habits (he may or may not have been drunk the whole show). So, watch us get excited as ComicImpact asks once again, “Did You Catch All That?”

00:00:12 – Introduction
00:00:50 – Pros and Cons

  • Sheldon and Sheldon  talks about the BIG DC Comics reboot and a  New York Comic Con, Wizard World chicago and Los Angeles.

00:01:51 – Simon has Issues

  • Detective Comics #881  by Scott Snyde and artwork by Jock and Francesco Francavilla

00:02:25 -Girl on Girls

  • Gotham City Sirens #26 by Peter Calloway
  • Birds of Prey #15 by Marc Andreyko
  • Batgirl 24 by Bryan Q. Miller
  • Zatanna #16 by Adam Beechen

00:03:52- Sheldon has issues

  • The Punisher #2 by Greg Rucka and artwork by Marco Checchetto

00:04:35 – On Shelves Now

  • DC Universe Legacies- By Len Wein
  • The Invincible Compendium Volume 1 – by  Robert Kirkman

00:05:29 – Scared Yet?

  • Graveyard of empires by  Mark Sable
  • Severed #1 by Scott Snyder.

00:06:24 – Events

  • Marvel’s Fear Itself #5 by Matt Fraction
  • Dc Comic’s FlashPoint #4 by Geoff Johns

00:08:07 – I Made  it Myself

  • The Red Wing  by Jonathan Hickman
  • criminal macabre and the goon by Vera Brosgol

00:09:18 – Comics on Film

  • Catwoman/The Dark Knight
  • The Avengers
  • The Walking Dead
  • Judge Dredd

00:12:50 Susan has issues

  • Doctor Who Annual 2011

00:13:47 -Wrap it up