Review: Xombi #4

Published on July 5th, 2011


Ok, I am at a loss for what to say here, so let me start by recapping what I know from Xombi #4. All over the world, there are floating cities – strongholds, specifically – that contain immortal people who know everything. Nuns have super powers and loose change can talk. Uh, what? This issue talked and talked at me, while I reread and even referenced past issues in order to make sense of it. What’s getting me through is the awesome idea the regenerating nano-bots exist and that we could use them to never die. It’s just too bad that I have nothing else to say about it.

I think that Xombi is the type of book that is a clever concept with not the best execution. I say this not because I dislike it, but because I feel like it’s taking an awfully long time to find itself. Granted, it’s only four issues in, but I feel like I really should know more about it by now. For one, I can barely tell you what it’s about or explain who the characters are. Yes, I can say there is one who is immortal and grew up in a floating city and another is made from nano-bots, but there’s not a lot that gives us motivations behind the characters. Like I said, it’s four issues in, but the fact that I know nothing is frustrating. Give me something, guys!

I’m surprised that this is an actual DC book and not its “indie” label, Vertigo. The story follows a character named David who is a human rebuilt from nano-bots. Therefore, he is not alive, nor is he dead, making him a Xombi. It’s quite clever, but then the book throws in people with religious powers, which actual names like “Nun of the Above” and I wish that the concept was enough to keep reading. I don’t know where this book is going, but if something doesn’t pick up soon then I might have to put it down.

Susan Damon