Review: Ultimate X #5

Published on July 1st, 2011

Jeph Loeb. I love the guy and sometimes, I hate him. Ultimate X #5 finally came out and I remember liking every issue, but the problem is, I don’t remember what happened in the first 3 or 4 issues. Let’s put all the horrible delays aside for a minute because this last issue was really, really good. The Ultimate Marvel Universe has been kind of all over the place, but after reading this comic, I’m really excited for the future of these comics.

ultimatex5Jean Grey, who now goes by Karen Grant, has been in hiding since the events of Ultimatum, she has now decided that there are mutants out there who need help and has gathered several of them to join her. These characters include Jimmy, the son of Wolverine (complete with adamantium claws), Liz, who has fire based powers, and Derek (he’s got wings).

This issue opens up with Jimmy trying to buy some beer. When he’s denied because of his age he runs into Sabretooth outside who has tracked him down to kill him. Sabretooth then proceeds to remind us why he was considered to be Wolverine’s greatest enemy, until he suddenly disappears and Jimmy is left to bleed in an empty parking lot. Well, if Karen is going to be expected to be in charge of a new group of mutants, she’s going to have to prove that she can protect them. To do this, she is going to have to recruit someone tough enough to take on Pietro’s new Brotherhood and who better than Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk.

The only bad thing about this book was the horrendous delays. I really think that the trade of this will be a phenomenal read for anyone who didn’t pick up the individual issues, or for someone who may have read every issue, but just wants to be able to read it in one sitting. What Loeb did in this that I really liked was give a recap to the history of the Ultimate X-Men. He gave us a reminder of their secret origins and reminded us about what happened to the surviving mutants.

I will say that Arthur Adams’ art made this book worth the wait. The scene where Sabretooth is practically killing Jimmy is horrifyingly disturbing. I couldn’t help but flinch a couple times while reading those first few pages. I also really like the way he draws the Hulk. He’s one of those guys that can make the Hulk look good and intimidating.

I think the entire point of this series was to give us hope for a new beginning for the mutants in this universe. Loeb and Adams did a great job in setting up for the upcoming Ultimate Comics X-Men that will be written by Nick Spencer. I was so upset by the way that Ultimatum ended. I thought I would never want to read another book by Loeb again, but he really was able to bring an awesome X-Men story together in this mini-series. This was a book that started off strong and ended just as strongly.

Ken Zeider