Review: The New Avengers #14

Published on July 19th, 2011

Finally, that previous story-arc in New Avengers is over and a new one has begun. If you were able to make your way through that last story, good foryou. Even I had trouble getting past it, but now we can move on to the future and hopefully this book will get back to be being as good as it should be. Once again, Brian Michael Bendis is writing the book, but this time we’ve got Mike Deodato doing the artwork solo. Thank God.


This latest issue of The New Avengers starts very similar to the last couple of issues of The Avengers, where we have an interview going with an Avenger concerning the events surrounding Fear Itself. Unlike in Avengers, we only get one superhero in this issue, Mockingbird, who is trying to get a handle on how she almost died, but was brought back just in time with a combination super-soldier/longevity formula. She’s got a second chance at life and now she’s got some actual super powers, all she needs now is an opportunity to test ’em out. And what better opportunity than an invasion of Nazi robots led by the Red Skull?

I think this issue is Bendis at his best. Obviously, Bendis loves his dialogue so this issue has plenty of it. But don’t think this is some snore-fest because this book is a tie-in with Fear Itself, so there’s plenty of action with the New Avengers going after Nazi Robots. We even get a fast-ball special with Luke Cage filling in for Colossus, how awesome is that?

Just because this is a tie-in with Fear Itself, it doesn’t mean that you would necessarily have to read that to enjoy the book. Bendis gives you all the information you need to be up to date with what’s going on. Bendis also makes sure that this book is a New Avengers book and not just a tie-in. Obviously, he’s continuing with what’s been going on with Mockingbird. We also have some stuff developing with Victoria Hand. Spider-Man is fed up with her and it looks like he’s willing to leave the Avengers to get away from her. And can you blame him? He’s probably right about her and her intentions.

I’m not sure if I would say this is the best work from Deodato, there’s a few panels were the characters he’s drawing just look off. There’s something about their facial features that kind of bothers me. Then there are a few pages that look absolutely amazing. His action stuff is fantastic, especially the stuff where Mockingbird is going after the robots.

Overall, I feel that this single issue made up for that last, overdrawn storyline. It looks like Bendis has some real direction that he wants to take this book and I am excited to see where it goes. I’m very happy that he has decided to flesh out Mockingbird’s character and I think the addition of some super powers could really help make her a more interesting character and set her apart from similar female spy characters like Black Widow or Sharon Carter. If the last story made you drop this book, I recommend you pick this issue up and give it a second chance.

Ken Zeider