Review: Moon Knight #2

Published on June 7th, 2011

Was this a big week for comics? It sure felt like it to me, but I think one of the books that stood out the most this week was Brian Michael Bendis’ Moon Knight #2. Although, almost anytime you get Bendis working with Alex Maleev, it’s going to be nothing but pure awesome. We’re only two issues in and I think this 6th attempt to give Moon Knight his own series could very well be the best.

moonknight2So, Moon Knight has moved to Los Angeles and at the request of his Avenger pals, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, Marc Spector has decided to take it upon himself to take care of the crime situation on the west coast. Here’s the thing though, his Avenger pals aren’t really there with him. These three super heroes are actually new personalities that Spector has manifested in his own mind in order for him to become a better crime fighter.

This issue starts with Moon Knight having a discussion with his new personalities about what would be the best way to take on the first criminal organization he’s set his sights on. In the end, the group decides to send the Spider-Man personality in and the next thing we see is Spider-Man walking right into the criminal, Snapdragon’s meeting. While this Spider-Man has the bad puns perfected and some decent web-shooters, he doesn’t have the Spider-Strength to back it up. After getting a few too many blows, it’s time for the Wolverine personality to take over. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out as well as everyone had hoped for and Moon Knight ends up needing a rescue from Echo. Wow, whatever happened to her?

I still can’t believe that Bendis found a way to make Moon Knight crazier than he was before, but if anyone could do it, it’s Bendis. As crazy as it is, I think this is a great direction for the character. It’s one thing to show Moon Knight talking with his personalities, but for him to actually put on a Spider-Man costume over his normal costume is kind of funny. My only complaint about this issue is that Moon Knight seemed to get his ass handed to him too easily. I know he doesn’t have the powers of the personalities he’s adopted, but I’ve never considered him to be a pushover.

I thought it was a great surprise to see Echo make a return in this issue. She was a pretty interesting character during her brief time in New Avengers and it was disappointing that she just disappeared after such a short time. I like how Maleev stuck her in the background during most of the issue as one of the background girls and then all of a sudden she jumps in to save Moon Knight.

I love what Bendis is doing with Moon Knight, it’s a great way to kind of reboot the character for a new audience, but at the same time keep the old fans happy.  I just hope this series lasts a little longer than the last couple of series.

Ken Zeider