Review: Hellboy: The Fury #1

Published on June 6th, 2011

You want to know what book is almost always worth the price tag?  HELLBOY!  Mike Mignola’s big, red monkey from Hell does many things, butdisappointing readers isn’t one of them.


Hellboy: The Fury #1 came out this week, written by Mignola with art by Duncan Fegredo.  This story is a long time coming, after such previous Hellboy stories as Hellboy: The Storm.  While The Fury is a mini-series that is basically already in the middle of a story after the previous stories, the first two pages of issue #1 catch the reader up to what has been going on.  This is a great jumping on point because, as someone who has read almost none of the preceding stories (I know, I’m bad), I knew exactly what was going on.

Previously, an ancient sorceress named Nimue became the Queen of Witches in England.  Unfortunately, she soon declared herself the Goddess of War and began preparing an army of monsters to attack mankind.  Hellboy: The Fury #1 finds our hero making his way to Nimue’s tower to prevent her from starting that war.  In previous issues, Hellboy exchanged his left eye to another witch who promised to get him past Nimue’s army and into her tower.

After battling his way up the tower, Hellboy eventually finds Nimue.  To his surprise, Nimue has been transformed into a demon who claims to have been released by Rasputin the day that Hellboy was born, waaaay back in Seed of Destruction.

As previously stated, if there’s one thing Mignola knows, it’s Hellboy.  This is a great first issue that does a fantastic job of catching the reader up to what’s been going on.  Especially considering how smart and complex Hellboy stories can sometimes be.  Mignola also pulled cover duties on this issue, creating a truly incredible piece to advertise the book with.

Fegredo’s art is highly reminiscent of the classic Mignola style and really works in this issue.  It’s very dark and ominous, absolutely perfect for a Hellboy book.  The monsters are all very cool looking and Hellboy has never looked more badass.

Hey, you know you’re fed up with DC because of that lame-ass relaunch, right?  So, come on over to Dark Horse and get your hands on Hellboy: The Fury #1.  This book looks to create some serious waves in the Hellboy universe and it couldn’t be cooler.

Ian Candish