Wizard World Anaheim 2011: Intimacy and Accessibility

Published on May 10th, 2011


Other than Comic Con International down in San Diego, I haven’t been to any other comic book related convention. That is until 2011 Wizard World Anaheim. Oh, sure I’ve been to other conventions; electronics, automobile, sports memorabilia. However, this event seems to have been the most (for lack of a better phrase) “user friendly.”


Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking CCI in any way, shape, or form. It’s just that over the years it seems to have lost that feeling of getting to the fans and being about fun; fan-driven, if you will. Wizard World, although smaller in actual floor space and exhibitors, leaves attendees with so much more accessibility to artists, writers, actors, models, etc. due to the simple fact that it’s really for comic book fans and less for marketing. By that, I mean that there were ZERO corporations there. You wanna talk to Marvel execs? Outta luck. Interested in talking to DC/Warner Bros. editors? Sowwy, sir! But it’s all for the best. Do you really wanna be pimped a product when you’re just trying to explore and enjoy yourself?

Comic Impact was able to interview numerous creators and contributors from the comic industry. It must be said that such quantity and quality of the interviews wouldn’t have been nearly as good if there had been thousands of people walking around. Getting around was so comfortable as well. Aisles and walkways that were never log-jammed with people trying to get around and/or talk to others were a godsend. Not having to yell to be heard is always a plus. And not coming out of the auditorium stinking to high Heaven from all the body heat is something we can all appreciate, I’m sure.



Sadly, I was only able to attend on Saturday, April 30. However, in that one day of 8 hours I was able to talk to and see everything I wanted to, and I loved it! Never did I have to really plan a time to go meet up with a writer or artist to get a signature or sketch. Speaking of which, every single creator I spoke to was extremely kind and appreciative of my individual interest, as well as Comic Impact’s interest. As I said, Comic Impact was able to set up quite a few interviews and even made a few new connections with said creators and even made some new fans to our own site! The same courtesy was also shown to Comic Impact by all of the Wizard World volunteers; all more than helpful as to where to find whatever attendees were looking for.

wizardworldanaheim2011_4 wizardworldanaheim2011_5

All around, an unbelievable experience and I cannot wait until September for Wizard World in Los Angeles and next year in Anaheim!

Sam Taylor