Wizard World Anaheim 2011: Ethan Nicolle

Published on May 4th, 2011


What’s that you say?  You love all of this Wizard World Anaheim coverage we’ve brought you?  You want more no matter the cost to your health, reputation or spiritual well-being?  Well, just consider us your self-destructive genie, here to grant your greatest wish and keep that awesome Con-content flowing!

Sometimes a comic book comes around that shatters all of our preconceived notions about the limitations of awesomeness.  A comic book that takes our gooey, supple minds and absolutely twists them inside out, causing us to question the very fabric of our reality.  Axe Cop is one of those comics.  Check out our interview with the artist on Axe Cop, Ethan Nicolle, to find out the amazing origins of this fantastically weird comic.

Keep checking back with Comic Impact to see what other cool stuff we’ve got in store for you from Wizard World Anaheim 2011.  Thanks for watching!

Ian Candish