Review: Mighty Thor #2

Published on May 30th, 2011

What do we have here? I am reviewing a Marvel book! Clearly the rapture did happen, because my world as I know it has ended. I cannot believe it. Oh well, as Bob Dylan put it so ingeniously, “You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a changin’.” He was brilliant to say that, and I took his advice. Yes, I love DC. Yes, I still consider myself a DC Girl. However, I can’t deny anymore that there is another major universe in the comic book world, and I want to be a part of it!


In light of the awesome that was the Thor movie, I have decided to pick up the new series The Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction. So far, it’s been nothing but amazing. Why did no one tell me that I would fall in love with Thor?! I’m disappointed in my friends. I’ve gotten off track. I just finished reading #2 of this series, and I am highly impressed with everything that it has to offer. I like the dynamic between Thor and Odin. It seems that while Thor wants to please his father, he also recognizes the flaws in all his plans, yet he fails to see the blatant manipulation going on. It’s a very interesting story being woven here, and I am curious as to where it’s going to go.

Oh! Also, Thor is injured. After retrieving a seed from the World Tree, Thor endures an injury that glows rather than bleed. Weird! On top of all this, the Silver Surfer has shown up to inform Odin that Galactus has come for Asgard. I like the suspense involved. Nothing is safe, and Asgard’s mightiest warrior is suffering. It’s all about setting the odds against the heroes, because if it’s easy for them, then how are they different from us? I like that I’m dealing with things that are mystical, magical, and beyond my realm of understanding – which is pretty much the opposite of what I normally read in comics. I generally lean towards the ones based in a semi-realistic world, or convince me that this is my universe. I get the appeal of both sides.

Having Thor solely in Asgard has been an adjustment for me to make, because I’m used to heroes coming to Earth (or Midgard, in this case). I’m on board with all the mythology, and the things that don’t quite fit I will trust that Mr. Fraction will bring them together. I hate to admit it, but the awesome level is too high. I might have to keep reading a Marvel series! I truly do not know what my world has come to. I’m just happy I have the God of Thunder to hold my hand through it.

Susan Damon