Review: Haunt #15

Published on May 3rd, 2011

I love this book. That’s all I can say. Every issue of Haunt just solidifies my love and leaves me wanting more. Especially, with this latest issue that left me with a, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!” moment. Sorry, didn’t mean to go all crazy fan-boy on you. Actually, I did because I am a fan-boy of this book. By this point you should realize how crazy I am for this comic. I just don’t understand how Robert Kirkman is able to dish out so many amazing books every month. He’s the Stephen King of comic books, as far as I’m concerned.

haunt15This most recent storyline follows the Kilgore brothers as they’re once again being attacked by the Apparition. If you haven’t been reading this book (for shame!), the Apparition is this freaky demonic looking character that, for whatever reason, is bent on killing Kurt. Oh, and only Haunt can see the creature.

There’s a lot that happens in Haunt #15, we see a lot of the side-characters coming back, including Mister Hurg and Kurt’s widow, Amanda. The best thing about this issue is that we’re starting to get some answers as to what Haunt is. Most of these answers come from Alegria, remember her? She was one of the surviving test subjects from the first storyline, who seems to be the only one besides Haunt who can see the Apparition. In fact, she’s the only one who seems to know anything about what Haunt really is. During their encounter with the Apparition she explains to Daniel and Kurt that their whole relationship is “unnatural” and it is the creature’s job to put things back to what they’re supposed to be. Which means, it has to kill Kurt and if Kurt is killed by the Apparition, he’s gone for good. No after-life, no anything.

The end of this book is going to be driving me crazy for the next month. Kirkman’s done a terrific job of really getting me to care about these characters, even the ones we don’t see that much. There’s a scene where Daniel takes Kurt to go see Amanda, who doesn’t know about the whole, Kurt’s a ghost “thing.” She admits to Daniel that she found out about Kurt being unfaithful to her and she breaks down and starts to cry. It’s a really sad scene. Amanda feels like her whole life with Kurt was a lie. You can see how guilty Kurt feels about everything he did, but he can’t do anything about it. Instead, he has to watch as Daniel is the one to console her. It’s a really touching scene that you almost forget about because, without warning, everything is thrown back into action.

Everything about this book is great, including Greg Capullo’s art. I talk a lot about how great Kirkman’s writing is, but without someone as talented as Capullo, I don’t know if the book could survive. Some of the stuff he draws is down right frightening. Just go read this book. You’ll be glad you did.

Ken Zeider