Review: Detective Comics #877

Published on May 30th, 2011

I love Batman, but in recent months, Batman hasn’t been that great of a read. Thank the comic book Gods for Detective Comics! It’s been such a great book since Scott Snyder has been writing it and Jock’s art is so freaking good. I’m probably in the minority, but I think Dick Grayson as Batman has been pretty interesting. At least in this book he is.  Everything about this book is awesome, except for one thing. There’s one thing in this particular issue that really bothered me. I’ll get to that eventually.


So in the last issue, the body of a killer whale was discovered in a bank owned by Sonia Branch (the daughter of the mobster, Tony Zucco). After further inspecting the dead whale, Batman discovers a dead human body inside of it. Because of Sonia’s background, Dick is wary of believing that she hasn’t been up to anything illegal. In Detective Comics #877, after checking out (and kicking the shit out of) a weapons smuggler called The Roadrunner, Batman ends up meeting with Sonia. Sonia explains some things to Batman to make him think that she might be on the level. She then gives him the name of a guy who could be involved in the recent issues she’s been having and Dick decides to go after him.

I love how this is actually a detective story. I find this a lot more interesting than some random story that just has Batman beating people up. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to see people get hurt just as much as the next guy, and we do get some really cool action sequences in this book. Dick really shows us in this issue that he is just as capable of being a super bad-ass as Bruce is. At the same time, it’s obvious that this is not the same guy. Dick has always been a smart-ass and no matter how hard he tries, he still runs his mouth off when he’s fighting someone.

At this point, I’ve only read about half my books for the week, but so far, this one was the most entertaining. A lot of it just has to do with Jock’s art. The first couple of pages where Batman is trying to hot-wire a car to make it explode, it just looks really intense. I thought the sense of urgency was established very well. Then later, when Batman is talking with Sonia, even though it was just a couple of people talking, the way everything was laid out was very engaging.

I would recommend this book to any Batman fan, but there was one thing that really bugged me. It’s nothing to do with Detective Comics itself. It was that Super 8 advertisement that apparently is in every DC book this week. I don’t think the idea of doing a Super 8 comic is a bad idea, but they put it in the center of the comic! What the Hell?! Not only that, but it’s twelve pages long. I’m glad DC is selling their books for $2.99, but I think I would be willing to pay the extra buck to avoid an ad that’s as obnoxious as this is. Sorry about that, it just really pissed me off and I felt I had to express my anger. That ad aside, it’s a great book that any Batman fan would love.

Ken Zeider