Review: Deadpool #37

Published on May 31st, 2011

Every book usually has an issue or two along the way that isn’t so great. Amazingly, Deadpool has gone 37 issues without putting out a bad book. It probably has something to do with the fact that Daniel Way has been there for every single issue. Throughout Way’s run, Deadpool has been a spy, a mercenary, a hero, an X-Man, a Pirate, gone to space, screwed over his friends, and been almost killed by those friends. So, what’s left for Deadpool? How about dying?

deadpool37After the events of the last issue where all of Deadpool’s friends got together to try and kill him, Deadpool got the idea in his head that maybe he’s been treating his pals so poorly because he wants them to kill him. So, Deadpool decides he’s going to do the one thing he can’t seem to do, die. Problem is, a bullet to the head just isn’t gonna be enough. Wade goes to his old pal, Wolverine for some advice, but Wolverine just tells him to go away. Deadpool’s next idea is to get as many nukes as he can to antagonize the Hulk into beating him to death. Hey, if you’re gonna go out, go out big.

I’ve been reading Deadpool comics since I was twelve, so I think I know what I’m talking about when I say that Way’s series is possibly the best. A lot of people argue that it’s too goofy and dumb, but I disagree. Yeah it’s funny and that’s a big draw to the book, but I think there’s a lot more going for this comic. Way’s taken this character through almost every scenario you can think of. And while Deadpool hasn’t seemed to evolve or grow to a really noticeable point, he’s given readers the ability to understand and sympathize with this crazy guy. Plus, it’s been a really entertaining book. Every single issue has made me laugh and Way has a talent of going places that I wouldn’t always expect.

Bong Dazo’s art has been a real treat for this book lately and the guy knows how to leave his mark. I’ve gone through this issue a few times and every time I notice something I didn’t before. It’s similar to all the little things that you would notice in an issue of Chew. Almost every page has something small that’s worth a chuckle, like Deadpool’s comically small motorbike or the cactus that Deadpool fell into when he blew up one of his nuclear bombs. Dazo’s action sequences are pretty impressive as well. He’s really good at making Wolverine and the Hulk look scary.

Reading Deadpool is always something that I look forward to every couple of weeks. It’s got everything I like to see in a comic book and I’m always excited for the next issue. Also, it’s one of the few Marvel books that sells for only $2.99. Why wouldn’t you read this?

Ken Zeider