Sneak Peek: The Dark Knight Rises

Published on May 20th, 2011

It looks like director Christopher Nolan and the people over at Warner Bros. are up to their old tricks again when it comes to advertising.

Warner Bros. launched their new viral campaign this morning for next summer’s sequel to The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.  With this morning’s launch of the official website for the new movie,, fans got to play along with the new viral campaign.  The official website for the movie is a black screen that contains the sound of people chanting, which led fans to a Twitter account called @thefirerises.  The Twitter account then led fans to the first official picture of Tom Hardy as Bane, one of the villains in the new movie.


Personally, I absolutely hate viral marketing.  As a consumer, it’s not my job to go out and find your advertising, or to do it for you.  I was mildly intrigued when they were doing this for The Dark Knight, but I have no patience for it anymore.  A good example for this is the upcoming film Super 8.  The first teaser trailer for that film showed almost nothing and told me nothing about the film.  Since seeing that, I have to interest in seeing Super 8.  Call me lazy, but if you decide that the best way to advertise your film is to tease the Hell out of me, give me almost zero exposure to your upcoming project and then make me do all the work to actually go out and find your content, I lose interest.

I just find this viral marketing incredibly tedious and obnoxious.  The Dark Knight Rises‘ official site is literally just a black screen with ominous chanting.  Honestly, toward the end of the chanting it sounds reminiscent of a Nazi rally.  I swear, it you listen, it sounds like, “Sieg heil!”  I am not at all impressed with this campaign, and more than a little irritated.

On the bright side, Hardy looks badass as Bane.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how Nolan revamps the character. The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters July 20, 2012.

Ian Candish