Did You Catch All That? – May 2011

Published on May 24th, 2011


Did you catch all that? If not then just watch Simon, Sheldon, and Susan tell you the highlights for the month of May! We will cover everything from Conventions to what books we think were not to be missed during this past month! This ongoing video series on the site will hopefully one of your new favorites. If you were hiding in a cave to wait out the rapture this month, just watch this video. We’ve got you covered!

This month Simon enlightens us as to what’s “On Shelves Now” including Batman and Robin’s newest hardcover. Sheldon trades his FF love for some Rocketeer spooning for charity. Susan does “Girl on Girls” from the floor with all of the Teen Titans. Not to mention we touch on Flashpoint, Fear Itself, Moriarty, and Booster Gold with the help of our dear friend and side kick – Sock Puppet Sheldon (Twitter: @SockpuppetShell). So… Did you catch all that?

Show Notes
00:00:11 – Introduction
00:00:54 – Pros and Cons

  • Sheldon talks about San Diego Comic Con and hotels.
  • Simon  talks a bit about Wizard World Anaheim.

00:02:37 – Simon has Issues

  • Booster Gold #44

00:02:58 -Girl on Girls

  • Teen  Titans  #95
  • Zatanna  #13
  • Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1

00:04:05- Sheldon has issues

  • The Rocketeer #1

00:04:51 – On Shelves Now

  • Captain America Omnibus vol.1
  • Batman And Robin Deluxe Hc Vol 03 Batman Must Die

00:05:31 – Scared Yet?

  • Edge of Doom #5
  • Undying Love #2
  • Zombie Fairy Tales #1

00:06:37 – Events

  • Marvel’s Fear Itself #2
  • Dc Comic’s FlashPoint #1

00:08:42 – I Made  it Myself

  • Paying for it
  • Moriarty The Dark Chamber  #1

00:09:40 Susan has issues

  • Sherlock Holmes Year One #4

00:10:16 – SuperHeroStuff.com/Sock Puppet Sheldon

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Susan Damon