Production Update: The Dark Knight Rises

Published on May 25th, 2011

The Dark Knight returns, and in keeping with a Brit in the cape Gotham City is back in London.


The Dark Knight Rises has begun filming by resuming the regular location for Gotham City Police Headquarters in Farringdon, London. The Farmiloes Building is an empty warehouse and offices that is regularly used for location filming and events. It has stood in for Gotham City in the two previous Chris Nolan movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan returns to the directors chair and Christian Bale dons the cowl for a third time.


As expected security was high with men on every entrance. Doors were closed and black sheets block out any possible view of the action. Glimpses through the gaps gave little more than the fact that they were filming. A gunmetal Mercury automobile sat on a trailer waiting for its time on the set. A stretch Mayback sat idling with the personalized license plate JT1, but given the affluent area this may not even be part of the movie.


Within two days of filming closing the whole area opens up for the annual Clerkenwell Design Festival. The film crew left no trace behind them, but a chance to look around the building shows you why they want it for Gotham. The high style turned drab and echos of the 1930’s. They may be trying to show hi-style design, but this is a chance to get up close to the set where Commissioner Gordon will be laying down the law.


So where did the Batman crew head to next? By pure chance I wandered past an area of workshops in Battersea, just south of the Thames, where a very large film crew were setting up. Battersea Power Station had been used in The Dark Knight for the ending scenes and a very large explosion that lead to the end scenes. By putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat and guessing that there aren’t too many huge film crews in town at the same time I expect to see some run down tin shed workshops in Batman’s future.

Not much to go on I’m afraid, but good to know that the Dark Knight is returning and hoping to emulate his previous success

Mat Hyde