Wizard World Anaheim 2011 ComicImpact

Published on April 25th, 2011

Hey everybody! Are you excited about that upcoming event, Wizard World Anaheim? There’s gonna be a whole lot of people there. Including us! That’s right, ComicImpact is hosting its first ever convention event at Wizard World Anaheim, April 29-May 1. How freaking awesome is that?! Table 3091 will be the site of our weekend of circus like events! Come meet us in person! Rub Ken’s beard, get sketches and books signed by some of the industries great creatives minds, meet cosplayers, find out how you too, can have Kit Quinn’s chest on your chest, win cool prizes, see if you are taller than Ian and watch the big 200 podcast extravaganza live from the convention floor. Hell yeah!


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Christina Flores