Sneak Peek: Ultimate Spider-Man #160

Published on April 12th, 2011

Do you remember when Fantastic Four #587 came out and they did the the so called “Death of Johnny Storm” a few months back? Everyone had flashbacks of the 1990’s and the poly-bag issues.

Guess what? Marvel has just announced that the upcoming  Ultimate Spider-Man #160 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley which is the last issue of the Death of Spider-Man story, will be poly-bagged. Just like Fantastic Four #587. It won’t be available at newsstands, and it won’t be overprinted. That’s not all kids, there will be two kinds of poly bagged copies of this book. A black one and a red one for the variant cover.

ultimatespiderman160black1 ultimatespiderman160red

Now, I am sure that Ultimate Spider-Man #160 will be great since Ultimate Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel book out there right now. I just don’t like the way Marvel or any of the other comic book companies have to do something like this to juice their sales.

You know you’re going to get average Joe on the street watching CNN and thinking “OH MY GOD they killed Spider-Man!” They’re not going to think that this is Ultimate and not the 616 Spider-Man. They’re going to go buy a copy of this book and never open it. Then 10 years later they’ll walk into a comic shop just to see how much they could sell it for. I just hate that that is what sells books now. Who cares how great the story is? Those people never come back to the shop after they buy their so called “collectibles.”

Also, now retailers have to up their numbers for this order. And once the media stops covering the story, nobody is gonna give two shits about it.

Yes, I am going to read this book and I am going to open it. Fuck yeah I will! BECAUSE I care about the story that I’ve been reading for months already.

I guess what I am saying is read a comic book you enjoy. Don’t buy it because it’s the top story of or because the companies are doing everything they can to over hype the book.

You know what was great about the “Death of Captain America?” Nobody saw it coming, there was no poly-bag, there was no foil covers, hologram covers or trading cards inside your comic. Just the death of a hero.

Simon Daoudi