Review: Uncanny X-Force #8

Published on April 25th, 2011

I got a lot of comic books this week and one of the stand-out books by far was Uncanny X-Force #8. Once again, Rick Remender has completely knocked it out of the park. There. I’ve made my sports reference for the decade. This issue also brings in another artist to the book, Billy Tan, who has done a fantastic job. I think he’s the best guy to take this book since Jerome Opeña. Although, I’m still holding onto the hope that he’ll come back at some point.

uncannyx-force8Psylocke appears to be the most prominent character in this issue. Probably because X-Force has decided to go after the Shadow King and Psylocke is really the only character with  powers that could do anything to this guy. Another big part of this book is the continued psychic-therapy with Archangel, who is still trying to keep his “Death” persona under control.

I thought it was a really cool idea to bring Shadow King back because I don’t think he’s really been in an X-Book since Psylocke imprisoned him the last time. I always thought that the Shadow King was one of the more interesting villains in the X-Men universe because he’s not sympathetic like Magneto is. Shadow King is just bad for the sake of being bad. He’s incredibly powerful too, which makes for a huge challenge. In this issue, he takes over Wolverine, Deadpool, and Archangel with no fight on their part. Psylocke is pretty much left on her own to fight Shadow King on the astral plane while trying to keep her physical body safe from her own teammates.

Then, there’s all the stuff with Archangel and his other side trying to take over. By the end of this book I’m starting to wonder if Warren is going to lose this battle with his other self. Remender is doing an awesome job getting me to care about these characters. I think part of that is because this is a small group of X-Men. There’s only five members and it’s been a stable line-up for eight issues. I’ve been getting tired with Uncanny X-Men because there’s something like 30 different X-Men coming and going in that book and Wolverine is always the focus. You never really get a chance to see any of the characters grow. It’s interesting because Wolverine is the leader of this book, but Remender has been giving all the characters an equal amount of attention.

I think if you were to only read one X-Men book, Uncanny X-Force is the book you should go with. The story line is contained in this one title, so you’re never forced to read anything else to get the full story. In fact, this issue is one story all in its own. No “To be continued” here. If you’re just looking to read one book, Uncanny X-Force #8 is the comic for you.

Ken Zeider