Review: Ultimate Captain America #4

Published on April 8th, 2011

Right now, I truly feel honored to have the opportunity to review Ultimate Captain America #4. From beginning to end, this book has been amazing. It’s rare to read any comic book where every single issue of a storyline is as good, if not better, than the first. Turning every page was exciting. I’m pretty much writing a love letter to this book, and why not? It deserves everything I’m saying about it. I don’t even think there was a bad panel. If this was my week for the Pick of the Week Podcast, I guarantee you, this would be my pick. I’ve only read about a third of the books I’ve purchased this week and I would be flabbergasted to find something better. And I feel so very fortunate to have an opportunity to use the word, “flabbergasted.” Look it up, it’s a word.


After last month’s excruciating cliff-hanger, we join Captain America, still a prisoner of Nuke in Cambodia. Cap is waiting and praying for his miracle that actually shows up in the form of a cobra. He grabs the snake and bites its throat and sucks out the venom. When Nuke comes in to the cell, Steve uses his ace in the hole and spits the venom into Nuke’s face. Then, all Hell breaks loose. What follows is about ten of the most awesome, action-packed, bloody pages I have seen outside of an issue of Invincible.

What I absolutely loved about this book, was seeing Captain America vindicated. The entire time, Nuke’s been trying to break Steve. He was trying to prove that Captain America and America itself are ruining the world. Steve admits that America has fucked up, but in the end, it’s all to try and help others. No matter what, Cap never sinks to Nuke’s level. Sure, Cap could have put a bullet in Nuke’s head, but it wouldn’t have solved anything. I think by the time you get to the end of the story, it becomes clear that Steve wants to try and help Nuke. You could take it another way, but I like to think Steve is just trying to help him.

I could go on and on about how much I loved this book (it’s really that freaking good!), but I don’t think I’m capable of putting the awesomeness into words. And I know how I’m constantly praising Jason Aaron, but he deserves it. He could have made this book come out as something really cheesy that would make me weary of reading Captain America books (there are writers who have done that to me), but I believe that he and Ron Garney have put out one Hell of a kick-ass Captain America comic book.

Ken Zeider