Review: Teen Titans #94

Published on April 26th, 2011

Can I just take a moment to bow down to J.T. Krul and his awesomeness? I put down Teen Titans for a long time, because I thought it was too campy. I hated the one liners and the cattiness of the characters. I know they’re teenagers, but COME ON! Enter: Mr. Krul. As soon as he took over the book, the one dimensional ridiculousness became full, well rounded characters with interesting stories. I do not think that’s a coincidence. Anyway, the point is that I cannot speak highly enough about the amazing books that Mr. Krul is putting out there, and Teen Titans #94 is no exception.


The story in Teen Titans #94 is a continuation of #93, where Wonder Girl and her mom have been transported to a demon dimension. This time, with the help of newbie Solstice, the Titans are able to find a portal and make it to where they believe Wonder Girl is being held prisoner. As soon as they cross, they’re encountering demon after demon from various Hindu myths, including one that is disguising herself as Ravager. Red Robin is also missing, leaving the team a bit lost as he assumed the leadership position in this mission. However, the part that is most intriguing to me is whatever is going on with Raven. She seems to be affected by Solstice in a very strange manner. Apparently, Raven senses more than just light in her powers. I hope that Solstice doesn’t turn out to be another enemy. I kind of like her. However, I think it might be a situation where we’re supposed to like her, so we can be let down when she’s evil. Krul has fooled me before, and he’s never overly predictable. I could be wrong. I also trust Raven in these Titans books, so I know something weird is going on.

Just as he did in his Green Arrow series, Krul has managed to integrate mythology into his story while making it relevant to the Titans and their mission. I found it amazing how relevant every character became as soon as they entered the demon realm. It’s like they were each assigned someone in the myth and their destiny is to make the story come to pass. It’s quite intelligent writing, because the mastery of the myth came first and then making the Titans into parallel characters is simply magic. I cannot praise this book enough and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.