POW:March 30th 2011 Wolverine #7

Published on April 6th, 2011

What a week! There were so many comics last week, I barely had enough time to read ‘em all. If only there was some sort of audio program I could download onto my MP3 player that was about all the comic books I enjoy reading. Where could I possibly find such a thing? Wait I know! The ComicImpact Pick of the Week Podcast is exactly that thing I described earlier. Those ComicImpact guys sure are nice for doing that, specifically for me.

This week, Ken’s got the pick. Surprisingly, he went for a book starring that hairy and Canadian X-Man, Wolverine.Wolverine #7 to be specific. So, join Ken, Simon, and Ian as they discuss the long awaited Ultimate X #4 and Kick Ass 2 #2. Been quite a while since we’ve seen either of those, did you guys vote in that Poll yet? We also got Detective Comics #875, Captain America #616, Amazing Spider-Man #657, Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman #1, Zatanna #11, Green Arrow #10, Walking Dead #83, and Avengers #11. AND if that weren’t enough we also announce the results of last week’s Poll of the Week, plus we announce the winner of our superherostuff.com Facebook contest! So, quit screwing around and get to listening!

What’s that? This Podcast isn’t enough for you? Well, if you head on over to Dimension  N you can check out another awesome Podcast that Simon, Ian, and Ken were invited to guest on! How awesome is that?!

Running Time: 01:25:58
Music: Part Timer – The Young Knives

Ken Zeider


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