Poll of the Week: Polybags

Published on April 18th, 2011


Last week,Marvel announced that Ultimate Spider-Man #160 will be shipped in a polybag. Now, this week’s poll is to ask you, the ComicImpact readers what you think of the hype around polybags. Is it just a way for comic book companies to  juice up their sales?

I recall back in the 1990’s, polybags where a big deal. I remember getting The Death of Superman for Christmas back in 1992. I opened it because I cared about the story line in the book. There was also copy X-Force #1 by Rob Liefeld that came out with a free trading card inside the polybag. if you had this issue and opened it for the trading card, add that onto the end of the sentence Then, a few months back, Marvel polybagged Fantastic Four #587.  That is it just to name a few of them.

We want to know what you think of polybags on this ComicImpact Poll of the Week.

That is it just to name a few of them. Then a few months back Marvel had polybag with Fantastic Four #587. We want to know what you thing of Polybags.

Let us know what you think on this Comic Impact Poll of the Week.

We’ll let you know what the results are on the POW Podcast for the week of April 20th ,2011.

Simon Daoudi