Review: Thunderbolts #155

Published on March 21st, 2011

I have never been a big fan of the Thunderbolts. The way the story was presented to me was just not appealing until around the time that “DarkReign” came into play and Norman Osborn took over the team. Even then, though, I was hesitant to pick up the title. That is until Jeff Parker and Kev Walker jumped on this book and made it a fast paced ride that you would be crazy to miss.


So far, we have seen two members of the Thunderbolts team exit and Man-Thing has been compromised by a Sorceress which has made it clear that the group itself has major holes. As leader of the team Luke Cage has to not only fix those holes but make sure that they never come undone again. In order to do that both he and Doctor Strange decide that they need a magic wielder on the team so they go after Satana.

As Luke and Strange travel inter- dimensionally via Man-Thing to the Himalayas, Warden Johnny Walker, Fixer and Mach V decide that they need a reserve team, a beta team to replace any fallen members of the Thunderbolts. They begin to go through the cell blocks on the Raft pulling different criminals at will and putting them in a holding cell to be trained by Songbird. It would seem at this point that Juggernaut, Moonstone, and Ghost seem none to happy about this and simply look down on the new recruits wondering where this will lead the team next.

Meanwhile, Luke , Strange, and Man-Thing reach the Himalayan Mountains and begin to look for Satana’s whereabouts when they run into several different monsters protecting her lair. Once inside they are attacked yet again. It soon becomes obvious to Luke that this might not be the best person to have on the team and starts to question Strange’s decisions on her.After several more attacks made by Satana they finally confront her and ask her to join the team. Her immediate answer is no and that she has brought them into a trap, which as it turns out so did Doctor Strange. Strange quickly put a Thunderbolts restraining color on her and tells her that she has to cooperate or she will be locked up for consorting with the known criminal called The Hood. She is immediately angry (of course) and then they explain that the team will teleport her back to The Raft via Man-Thing. At this point Satana changes her mind completely and says she would have gladly gone, had she known Man-Thing was apart of the team, which leaves Luke and Strange speechless and worried.

Whew, what can I say about Parker’s writing talent that I haven’t already said before? He is an amazing talent and continues to be both engaging and fun to read and Walkers art is pitch perfect for this team book. I would never have guessed that a book about superhero convicts would end up being one of my most anticipated books for me every month. Parker truly “get’s it” and leaves me guessing every time I pick up an issue!

Final Verdict: Thunderbolts remains a “MUST BUY BOOK”. They keep putting it out with this team and I MUST BUY IT!

Sheldon Lee