Review: New Mutants #22

Published on March 1st, 2011

Did you read part 1 of Age of X and now you can’t wait for part 2? Well, don’t worry because Age of X continues with New Mutants #22 which also came out the same day as part 1 (along with every other X-Men book).  So, let’s take a look at this action packed story written by Mike Carey with art by Steve Kurth.

newmutants22Picking up where part 1 left off, we join Legacy (Rogue) trying to get permission from Magneto to speak with Kitty Pryde about what she was doing outside the walls of Fortress X. Legacy believes that Kitty may have information on the humans’ latest plan of attack, but Magneto believes that Legacy using her powers to get this information is an unnecessary risk.

Not willing to take “no” for an answer, Legacy goes to see Madison Jeffries in his lab and “borrows” his mutant ability to communicate and command machines. Using his powers, she is able to get past the security door and get into the holding facility to find Kitty. Along the way, Legacy runs into Blindfold who recognizes her as Rogue. Blindfold pleads with Rogue to find the Professor and ask him about the “scar tissue.” Legacy says she’ll come back, but first she has something else to do.

Eventually, Legacy finds Kitty and tries to ask her why she escaped and why she took multiple pictures of nothing but blackness. At first, Kitty refuses to talk, but eventually she says that she was just doing what someone told her to do. Before we find out who this person is, Danger enters the cell and orders Legacy to surrender. To avoid being caught, Legacy uses Kitty’s phasing powers to get past the robot and into another cell where she finds a comatose Charles Xavier. Despite having never met him in this reality, Legacy recognizes him as the Professor and then uses her powers on him in hopes of finding out what’s going on. Unfortunately, Legacy is unable to control the telepathic powers she’s absorbed and ends up giving everyone in the Fortress a massive migraine. Then Danger shows up again and orders Legacy to surrender. Instead, Legacy uses the security system against Danger and jumps out a window where one of Madison’s helpers is waiting to pick her up. The book ends with Magneto ordering that Legacy be captured with all necessary force.

One of the things that’s really cool with crossover story lines is that, since it’s told in multiple comics, you get the story twice as fast. For whatever reason, New Mutants and X-Men Legacy were released the same week, so we got two parts in one week. That’s pretty cool right? Another thing that’s pretty cool is that Mike Carey, who’s already been writing X-Men Legacy for several years, has now taken over New Mutants which, I feel, makes the story more cohesive.

So far, I’m really into Age of X. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a little confusing since I’m not so sure how this time line came to exist. At the same time, not knowing what’s going on makes the story very intriguing. It may be a little odd, but I think this is going to continue to be one Hell of a story.

Ken Zeider