Review: Batman and Robin # 21

Published on March 14th, 2011

Batman and Robin is a book that has gone through some changes. I know I even dropped it for a while because it just wasn’t living up to the fast paced crime story that  I expect from this book. Peter J. Tomasi (Nightwing) and Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps) have breathed new life into Batman and Robin giving it both strong visuals and an interesting storyline. How, you might ask, have they managed to turn it around in just 2 issues? Read my review of Batman and Robin #21 to find out!

batmanandrobin21Last month I wrote a review for Batman and Robin #20 gushing about how in just one issue they managed to give us a strong visual art style and a story that seems to be top notch! You may  liken that to the turn around that Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos did with The Amazing Spider-man over at Marvel. Whatever you want to call it , it is certainly a breath of fresh air and, here is hoping, one that stays with this book for a very long time!

There are a few things that any Batman book should follow, a check list if you will. In my eyes there should be a deep seated mystery along with plenty of action and enough of a twist to snap your neck! So far in Batman and Robin they have all of these! The book itself opens with a group of people , a woman and two children, dressed in angel-like attire jumping, off the side of the building. However, unlike last time, Batman and Robin swoop in just in time to save them. As it turns out, they are the Langstrom (Man-Bats) family. Shortly after Batman and Robin save them, they are confronted by a man calling himself The White Knight. The White Knight is interesting to me, as he does not look like many other Batman villains. He is basically all white and glowing and carries some sort of particle gun. After a few panels of fighting the White Knight, Batman and Robin retire to the Bat Bunker to toil over some of the clues from these seemingly random acts of violence perpetrated on innocent Gotham citizens. Slowly, however, Dick and Damian begin to deduce that there is more care going into these killings than first meets the eye. We are then treated to an amazing full page drawn beautifully by Gleason. It is a simple shot of Dick and Damian swinging across the sky with the Bat-Signal in the background. This shot shows exactly why he needs to stay on this book as its artist for a very long time to come. Gleason gets the dynamic of Batman and Robin and every panel he draws exemplifies that.

As this issue starts to wind down we see yet another grizzly murder take place that has more of a long term implication for Gotham’s Villains and we learn that The White Knight has a dangerously twisted plan . A plan that not even Batman and Robin could possibly stop.

Final Verdict:This is Batman and Robin at their best! Go back and get issue 20 and stay with Tomasi and Gleason as they remind us why Batman and Robin is a book not to miss!

Sheldon Lee