Poll of the Week:FF #1 worth the hype?

Published on March 28th, 2011

So, this past week we got our first look at the new FF comic from creators Jonathan Hickman  (Secret Warriors, The Nightly News) and artist Steve Epting  (Captain America, The Marvels Project).

Our question for you,is all the hype around this book justified? And, is it  something you know you’re going to keep on your pull list? I know it is only the first issue, but is it something that you know that you’re going to keep reading, or was just a let down? Or will you just wait until Fantastic Four#600 when Johnny Storm comes back to life and rejoins the  Fantastic Four and then Marvel will make a spin off of the Future Foundation?

We want to know what you, the ComicImpact readers thought of FF #1 by Hickman and Epting. We are going to have a poll starting today, Monday March 28th which will end Sunday night April 3rd 2011


On a side note,am I the only one that thinks that Spider-Man looks a bit like Deadpool in this new costume?

We’ll let you know what the results are on the POW Podcast for the week of March 30th,2011.

Simon Daoudi