Figure Friday: Thor Sword Spike

Published on March 4th, 2011

The other day my friend calls me out of the blue to ask me if I wanted any Thor action figures based on the upcoming film. I say, “Hell yeah I do!”.I was thinking this would be great for a new Figure Friday and hell, I love action figures,so why not? What she got me was “Thor Sword Spike.”

I remember seeing a Thor figure back at San Diego Comic Con last year. Now, with the film coming out soon, it is time for the people over at Hasbro to show us what they can do with the god of thunder as we take a look at one of the new toys to hit your toy store in the past  few weeks.

Package Description:

Thor is the master of nearly every weapon in Asgard’s arsenal. The dwarves created Thor’s Power Sword to allow him to channel his otherworldly abilities and defeat any foe that dares to cross his path. The unusual blade hums with divine might as THOR charges the internal spike with the power of his lightning.


Looking at this figure, you can tell this is the movie version of Thor.He is wearing the costume seen in previews for the film that will be hitting theatres the first weekend in May of this year.

What I found a bit amazing is Hasbro did a remarkable amount of sculpted details on such a small sculpt. . Also the face does look a bit like actor, Chris Hemsworth, who will be playing the Asgardian warrior. With all the general trouble toy companies have doing real people, it’s quite impressive. The texture on the  costume and armor looks GREAT,    matching the screen likeness extremely well. Again, considering the small scale,

Mjolnir (his hammer) does not bare the writing which reads, is “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”. I know it is a small detail for a small figure, but even without the inscription, it is still bad ass. I loved it when I saw it on last years SDCC Exclusive. For more on that figure, make sure to read my review.



Oh, movie figures, how I wish that companies would take a bit more time when it comes to articulation. I feel like they don’t try as hard when it comes to the movie figures as they do with the Marvel universe figures.  This Thor figure has some bad articulation just like the Iron Man 2 toys did.

Just like the Iron Man movie figures, this has a very limited range of motion. It is hard for him to do some more dynamic poses and in turn, doesn’t stand up right. Also, the sword spike doesn’t fit in his left hand as it’s supposed to. So you have to use the right hand, where it fits like a glove, but now he can’t hold up his hammer. I am sorry, but I don’t care about the Sword Spike. I am sure it has something to do with the film, but I am also not a big fan of Thor.

His cape does not want to stay on. I had to use some super glue make it stay to his back.

Final Judgment: 5/10

So, this may be a great looking figure if you’re looking to make yourself an Avengers movie team, but overall  it is not that fun to play with.  I do think that by the time the Avengers film comes out, Hasbro will have a BAD ASS Thor figure for us.

If you are looking for a cool Thor figure and you don’t care that it is not based on the film, I would suggest looking for the Thor Marvel Universe figure based on Olivier Coipel’s design.

I am not sure what other toys for the Thor movie line I am going to get, but I do want the  Invasion Frost Giant and Destroyer.

Simon Daoudi