Collecting: Marvel Universe Magneto Bust

Published on March 12th, 2011

In X-Men: First Class, which releases this summer, we get to see how Magneto and Professor Xavier went from the closest of friends to bitter rivals.  So, to help us get ready, let’s take a look at Diamond Select’s Marvel Universe Magneto Bust!

Sculpted by Gentle Giant, this bust measures over 7″ tall.  It comes with a removable helmet that can either be placed on Magneto’s head or cradled in his arm.  The base of the bust is round and purple with, “Magneto” written in yellow.  This bust is limited to 3,000 pieces.

Overall, this is a very good bust.  The sculpt itself is really fantastic.  Magneto’s pose is stationary enough for a bust, but his outstretched arm (probably magnetically lifting another submarine, like in the X-Men: First Class trailer) gives it that dynamic touch to make it really interesting.  There are areas where his clothing is wrinkled over his body, which give the piece a very realistic feel.  But, where this bust really shines is Magneto’s face.  The sculpting is incredibly detailed, creating all the lines and wrinkles you’d expect on the face of an older man.


For the most part, the painting on this piece is pretty standard.  His shirt is kind of flat red and his cape is purple with some black shadows.  The collar that his cape attaches to, though, is purple with lots of silver streaks which give it a scratched metal look.  But, again, the face is the best part.  His lips are painted a darker shade than his skin, but not so dark or shiny to make it look like he’s wearing lipstick, as I complained about in an earlier Green Lantern Statue Saturday.  His eyes are painstakingly detailed, down to the pink parts in the corners of his eyes.  The hair (which is also very well sculpted) is a flat gray with lighter gray used as a highlight color.

The big stumbling point for this bust is the helmet.  If you display it with the helmet in Magneto’s hand, it looks great.  But, once you actually put it on his head it looks a bit clumsy and goofy.

Overall, this is a great bust that any X-Men fan would be proud to own.  Just keep the helmet in his hands.

Ian Candish