Batwoman Delayed Again

Published on March 10th, 2011

batwoman1One of the comics I was most looking forward to in 2011 was JH Williams III’s Batwoman.  I was a big fan of Greg Rucka and Williams III’s run on the Detective Comics story line, Batwoman: Elegy. A few of those issues were Picks of the Week back in 2009.

Then, last year we got a Batwoman #0 for more read my  review. Which was great for new readers  to jump on and find more information about Kate Kane, the star of the upcoming series.

I was waiting for this new series to start up, I even ordered myself a Batwoman t-shirt from my local comic book shop. And then today, I woke to the news that Batwoman #1 was no longer going on sale April 6. Comics retailers were informed Tuesday that the first two issues of the series, previously solicited for April and May, respectively, will be rescheduled at a later, unspecified date. No explanation is available at this time.

JH Williams III posted this on his blog, “I felt that it was a bit too soon in a realistic look at work progression. One of the reasons for this was that I had been seriously committed to making appearances around the world over this past year. I think maybe 3 months or more of work loss occurred during that time. I kept trying to point this out whenever discussions about schedule came up. When first discussing the launch date earlier last year we had originally wanted April 2011, and now ironically that is what we have. Only after solicits stating otherwise, causing some unnecessary frustrations.”

What I find a bit nuts in the past few weeks is that DC Comics has been putting preview pages of Batwoman #1 in the back of a few of their comics.


This makes me think that they’re only done with half of the first issue? This is not the first Batman book to be delayed this year, the first to come to mind is Batman: The Dark Knight by David Finch, which we have only seen one issue of so far. How about Batman Europa with Jim Lee and Brian Azzarello? All of these delays do not help DC Comics in the long run and makes this Batman fan a bit mad.

Simon Daoudi