Review: The New Avengers #9

Published on February 15th, 2011

When an artist as talented as Stuart Immonen leaves a book you’re going to need someone equally as talented to fill the void, or in the case of The New Avengers, you’re going to need two guys. That’s right Immonen has left the book and we’re starting a brand new story with art by Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin. And of course Brian Michael Bendis is still writing the book because I don’t think the Avengers can continue without him at this point.

newavengers9This latest issue opens in Cuba in 1959 where Nick Fury is being chased by a couple of nefarious gentlemen. What we later realize is that Fury is leading these two guys right where he wants them, a secluded area where he can throw a couple grenades in their car and blow them up. One of the men survives and Nick is joined by his pals, Dugan and Jones, then the guy who was just trying to kill Fury starts begging for his life. We then find out that the two guys chasing Nick were Nazi fugitives which is a good enough reason for Fury and his pals to execute them.

We are now brought to present times Rhode Island where we join the New Avengers on a stake out. Mockingbird is pretending to be working in a coffee shop right next door to a closed store that is about to get renovated by a bunch of huge guys who are unloading three trucks. We then meet Dr. Deidre Wentworth, A.K.A. Superia, who emerges from a fancy car and is apparently in charge of this new business. Dr. Strange astral projects into the building and finds out that all these workers are former H.A.M.M.E.R. agents who are setting up some pretty high tech equipment that you wouldn’t normally see in your neighborhood strip mall.

Wolverine wants to start some trouble while the rest of the team steals the trucks before these would-be-villains can set up shop, but Ms Marvel and Jessica Jones feel that since they haven’t broken any laws yet, it wouldn’t be an appropriate action. While everybody is discussing the best way to handle the situation The Thing decides it’s time for some clobbering and jumps off the roof and starts busting some heads. While Ben and Wolverine are kicking ass Jessica and Iron Fist drive off with two of the trucks while Luke Cage picks up the third and walks away with it. Back to the action Spider-Man and Mockingbird are making short work of the goons, but when they start shooting Mockingbird is hit and we’re left with Spider-Man holding her in his arms.

The last page of the book takes place in 1959 Cuba again, where Nick Fury meets his contact to get his next assignment. The contact tells Fury that he is to return to the U.S. on presidential orders where he’ll be working on a new project called “The Avengers Initiative.”

I’m disappointed that Immonen has left the book, but I understand that he’s going to have his hands full with Fear Itself, so I’ll allow it. I am happy to see Mike Deodato on the book because the guy does some amazing art, and it’ll be nice to have him on a book as good as The New Avengers. I’m not the biggest fan of Howard Chaykin’s art, but his style always works when the story involves Nick Fury and it’s kind of cool to have one artist on the main story, and have another on the flashback stuff. I’m really curious to see how the Nick Fury story works into the present day stuff with The New Avengers. Bendis was on the top of his game with this issue, I loved when they were trying to steal the trucks and Iron Fist admitted that he didn’t even have a license, and then Cage just walked off with the truck because he couldn’t get it started. I was cracking up at that stuff. Plus we finally got some real action in this book after a couple of issues of nothing but talking. Bendis writes fantastic dialogue, but sometimes I just want to see super heroes hit stuff. Also, explosions are always nice. This book gave me everything I love to see in a comic book and I’m going to be counting down the days until the next issue.

Ken Zeider