Review: Secret Avengers #9

Published on February 2nd, 2011

So far The Secret Avengers have been a mixed bag for some. For me personally I have LOVED this crazy Black Ops Team coming together under the leadership of Commander Steve Rogers! They are here to take on the worlds largest threats and for that they need some of the craziest heroes to team together. Currently the line up is Ant-man,Black Widow, Moon Knight,Prince of Orphans,Shang Chi,War Machine,Beast, Valkyrie and Sharon Carter but the way this book is going any one in the Marvel Universe can be tapped to be brought on board.Fortunately for all of us we have a great writer in Ed Brubaker and a great artist in Mike Deodato but is it enough to to get the action going in this book? Read on to find out!

secretavengers9For many of you who have read The Marvels Project ,John Steele is an added unexpected bonus in the series right now and that seems to be a theme with Secret Avengers…added unexpected bonuses! So far however the story has been slightly slow with us following Shang Chi and trying to stop his ancient father from taking his life by presumably sucking his life force away. Another big theme within this book has been  stopping really bad stuff from getting worse and it seems as thought Steve and the rest of the crew are always against the ropes and this issue is no different!

This is part 4 of 5 in this story line so if you are not a big fan this arc no worries it is almost over;) Right now Sharon Carter has been captured by Max Fury and John Steele and his basically bait for Steve to come rescue her and save the day. Thankfully Steve and the rest of the Avengers have a two fold plan to both rescue Sharon and take down Shang Chi’s father!Unfortunately  Max and John also have a plan and we get to see both played out in great Brubaker fashion!We also get to see Steve talking about his old combat with John and how John seemed to be ageless as well as be some sort of Super Soldier himself.

Unfortunately Steve’s plan goes bad during a prisoner exchange with both Sharon and Shang Chi and Steele ends up taking Shang Chi presumably ruining Rogers whole plan…or so they thought. What it successfully did as we find out on the last page is put Moon Knight on board the enemies ship in disguise to watch over the now imprisoned Shang Chi…not bad Mr. Rogers not bad at all!

I understand why some may not be into this story line and I am the first to admit that it didn’t grab me that much at first  but the more I learn about Steele and this Max Fury the more I am interested. They basically lay out there that they to are protecting something and that the Secret Avengers are just getting in the way of them doing a mission that will play out better for every one in the end.It is a lot of groups and organizations playing against each other and I do love that sort of story even if it seems to be at a slow and steady pace.As always Mike’s art is great for the espionage look of the book and honestly Brubaker is doing a great job and playing all the angles in the story so this book continues to be one I look forward to every month!

Final Verdict: If you love espionage Brad Meltzer’s tv series Decoded  and I guess anything by Dan Brown then chances are this is the book for you and If you just love good old fashion superhero team books then you can’t go wrong here either.

Sheldon Lee