Review: PunisherMax #10

Published on February 11th, 2011

It’s finally happened, I was beginning to lose hope, but it actually happened! PunisherMax #10 has finally been released, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s been about five and a half months since issue 9 hit the shelves, and I was a little worried that we would never see another issue of this series again. I was hearing a bunch of different rumors for why this was so horribly delayed, I heard that Dillon couldn’t work on the book because of a personal emergency, I also heard that Ultimate Avengers was taking all of Dillon’s time, or that Jason Aaron was just too busy to work on other projects. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter because I finally have issue 10 in my grubby little hands.

punishermax10So if you can’t remember what has happened in the past issues of PunisherMax I’ll catch you up on it. First Wilson Fisk rose through the mafia and has now become the Kingpin of Crime, and has decided he needs to kill The Punisher. Kingpin then hires Bullseye to kill Frank, but Bullseye is absolutely insane. Bullseye becomes obsessed with Frank Castle and attempts to recreate Frank’s past because Bullseye refuses to kill The Punisher until he understands him. Meanwhile Frank is in trouble for killing a dirty cop to get information on Fisk, so now he’s got the NYPD super pissed off at him and they have found every single one of his safe houses and confiscated all his weapons and supplies. So now that we’re caught up let’s move on to the present.

So this issue starts with the NYPD publically declaring war on The Punisher for killing a cop while Bullseye has locked himself in a room in the Kingpin’s building practically having a mental breakdown while trying to figure out the riddle that is Frank Castle. So Kingpin’s had enough of the craziness and he’s decided to send some of his thugs in and take out Bullseye. When they get into the room, Bullseye barely pays any attention to them, in fact, while he’s killing them he’s talking to himself about why Frank decided to go on his crusade on crime.

The Punisher may be low on supplies, but he’s hellbent on getting rid of the Kingpin so as long as he’s breathing he won’t give up. Frank then decides sets up a decoy terrorist attack in the middle of the city to keep the cops off his back, and then heads to Fisk’s headquarters to launch his attack on the tower. Inside the building Fisk confronts Bullseye face to face, but Bullseye is still lost in his own world and can only see Frank Castle when Fisk walks in. After Bullseye breaks several of Fisk’s fingers it finally hits him, and he comes back to reality confident that he knows how to kill The Punisher. Which is perfect timing because The Punisher is now inside the building.

So five months is an obscene amount of time to wait for a comic book, but I think it might have been worth the wait. Some people might say that nothing happened, and it was just more build up to the finale of the story, but I couldn’t put this down. I love how crazy Bullseye is in it, he’s down right frightening in this book. Aaron has this great understanding of The Punisher and writes the character perfectly, he is hands down, the best writer to take over the character since Garth Ennis. He’s able to come up with these great plans for The Punisher to use that really show how smart he is. It really is good to see The Punisher as a smart guy and not just a blind killer. Rejoice my friends, and go read this book.

Ken Zeider