Review: New Ultimates #5

Published on February 7th, 2011

Like a lot of people I have a love/hate relationship with with Ultimate Marvel’s The Ultimates series. Ultimates and Ultimates 2 were two of the best comic story lines I have ever read. Even Ultimates 3 was pretty good, but Ultimate Avengers has been kind of hit or miss for me. The problem with any of the Ultimates books is how long it takes to get a new issue, it’s one of those books that by the time you get the next issue you forgot what happened in the last one, and New Ultimates is no exception to this.

So what I remember from the previous four issues is that Loki came back to cause some massive trouble while Thor’s been trapped in the underworld with Hela. If I remember correctly Thor finally escaped by giving Hela a son, but when he finally makes it back to Earth Valkyrie’s been killed and now Thor is super pissed off.


We join the New Ultimates in New York where Thor is causing about as much trouble as The Hulk on a bad day. Hawkeye and Captain America are doing their best to stop Thor, but as hard as they try the only thing they can do is try not to get killed. With Tony Stark’s armor out of commission the only person who can possibly go against Thor right now is Zarda, so she goes to kick his ass. She does pretty well for a while, but even she isn’t powerful enough to take him down. Then Iron Man returns in the Ultimate version of his Hulkbuster armor. This armor is designed to absorb power from Thor so it’s actually doing a good job, at least until Thor rips it open to get at Tony. With Tony now face to face with Thor he has a chance to talk the God down, but with Thor distracted Loki gets the opportunity to pick up Thor’s hammer. Loki is about to give his brother a killing blow when he is suddenly impaled by Valkyrie who has become her namesake after being dead. Thor and Valkyrie share a moment while she reminds him why he’s been sent to Earth and after picking up the remains of Loki she returns to the underworld.

The book ends with Ka-Zar, Shanna, and The Black Panther leaving for Hollywood to make a movie with Spielberg. Zarda has also decided to return to her home dimension, satisfied that their universe will no longer be a problem. Thor meets up with Captain America with a new shield to replace the one that was destroyed and make amends for the trouble he caused. We then meet up with Iron Man and Hawkeye who decide that what they need is to beat up someone who deserves it, so the last page of the book is Cap, Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye showing up at the Defenders HQ to have a rematch.

While this didn’t live up to the first two Ultimates series, this was definitely better than the last Ultimate Avengers story line where they were fighting vampires (enough with the vampires!) Overall I thought this was a pretty good story, it’s cool to see Thor back in action, we got to see Captain America and Hawkeye kick some ass, and best of all we got Hulkbuster armor in the Ultimate Universe. I am disappointed that Black Panther has left the Ultimates, never been a huge fan of Black Panther, but he was a total bad-ass in this series and I’m actually sad to see him go. I also like how Carol Danvers has become a bigger character in this series, but I would love to see her get some powers and join them as a superhero. If you decided not to read this series because of how long it takes to get the issues I can’t say I blame you, but I would absolutely recommend the trade because it is a good story and would read great as one book.

Ken Zeider