Review: Jennifer Blood #1

Published on February 18th, 2011

Do you like sexy ladies, and super bloody action? Well, I’ve got the perfect comic book for you! Garth Ennis’ (Preacher, The Punisher, The Boys) newest creation, Jennifer Blood. She’s a tough as nails housewife, hell-bent on taking out the mafia, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the kids’ carpool.

When we first meet Jennifer she seems like your average American housewife, she has a husband named Andrew, and two young children that she is absolutely devoted to. She cooks dinner for her family and helps the kids with their homework, but in a secret room in the basement she has an armory that would make Deadpool wet his pants. During the day she does everything she can to make sure that nobody suspects her double life, including taking her car to a sleazy mechanic’s shop, despite the fact that she is more than qualified to change her own brakes.


After making sure that her family is fast asleep, she heads out for her first mission. She makes her way to the local shipyard where a bunch of goons are shipping out two truckloads worth of boosted cars. She watched them do it a few times before, but this is the first time she’s seen two trucks. When the time is right and Jennifer is ready, she throws a couple grenades into the middle of the group, blowing the guards into little bloody chunks. Then she pulls out her MP5 and starts blasting away at the rest of them. Unfortunately, it never occurred to Jen that twice as many cars being shipped could mean twice as many guys to take out. Luckily for Jennifer, she’s able to distract the goons with her natural beauty, which gives her the ability to take them off guard when she gets up close and personal to fight them.  After the initial battle, Jennifer takes a walk through the carnage to make sure everyone is good and dead. She comes across a man who is still alive, she takes a close look at the guy and lowers her sunglasses giving the man the opportunity to recognize her as his niece. Jennifer then covers his mouth and pinches his nostrils shut to suffocate him before she takes off to avoid the police.

Before Jennifer goes home, she decides to take a detour and stop off at the mechanic’s office she had visited earlier that day. She’s still a little pissed off that the guy tried to rip her off, so she sneaks into the back room where she finds about two dozen empty beer cans, and the mechanic passed out on the floor. She picks up one of his wrenches and uses it to smash his hand and wrist until it’s little more than a bloody mess. Happy about how her evening turned out, Jennifer returns to her happy home where she is able to take a quick shower and check herself for any bruises or cuts that could make her family suspicious. Then she crawls into bed hoping to just go to sleep, but her husband has another idea. She decides to throw the guy a bone, but all she can think about while they’re having sex is a possible mold spot that she sees on the ceiling.

At the end of the issue there’s an interview with Ennis.  In it he explains that after all the stuff he’s written in the last several years he wanted to write something with a comedic tone to it. Apparently, Jennifer Blood is his attempt at comedy. The average person may look at all the gore and think that this book is nothing more than a blood-fest,  but there’s definitely some humor in this book. A lot of the humor just comes from how odd it is to see a happy homemaker as a ruthless killer.

I had a lot of fun reading this book. It’s a weird premise that quickly grabs your attention, and they hold on to it with some awesome action sequences. There’s a really cool fight sequence where Jennifer is fighting a guy with a knife. While she is fighting him, she is describing what’s going on in her head at the time, and it really makes you understand that she is just as skilled a fighter as someone like The Punisher. I was a little skeptical about this book because I thought it was just going to be goofy, but I’m already hooked. Once again, Ennis has come up with a great character that I want to read about every month.

Ken Zeider