Review: Green Arrow #9

Published on February 28th, 2011

Are you’re anything like me?  Do you want to add more awesome DC characters to your weekly pull list, but that whole Brightest Day falderal just makes your skin crawl from boredom?  Well, my good sir or ma’am, have Igot good news for you!  Green Arrow has got to be one of the best series’ that DC is publishing right now!

Written by friend of the site, J.T. Krul with fantastic pencils by Diogenes Neves, Green Arrow is part of the larger Brightest Day canvas, but boldly goes in it’s own, independent direction.  This series has very little to do with chasing around White Lantern rings and really brings a lot of action mixed in with fantastic storytelling.


Last issue brought Oliver “Ollie” Queen, Green Arrow, into contact with not just Etrigan the Demon, but Jason Blood as well.  If you know your DC history, you know that Jason Blood and Etrigan have been bonded to each other for centuries, but thanks to the White Lantern Tree in the magic forest, they are now two entirely separate beings.  Without Jason Blood to keep him in line, Etrigan has gone 100% ape-shit nuts.

Green Arrow #9 begins with the trio of Ollie, Galahad and Jason Blood squaring off against Etrigan while the Phantom Stranger stands back and spouts all kinds of crazy predictions about Ollie and the apparent end of the world.  “Men’s hearts failing them in fear…as an end of days looms on the horizon.”  The Stranger then disappears, telling Ollie, “This is your fight.  This is the darkness you must face.”  How helpful.  Ollie, Blood and Galahad continue fighting Etrigan, who begins siphoning energy from the magic forest, making himself exponentially more powerful and infecting the forest to obey his every whim.

Green Arrow and Galahad realize that Etrigan is using the forest to attack the White Lantern tree.  Leaving Jason Blood to fight Etrigan, Ollie and Galahad go to defend the white tree, when a giant, new tree sprouts out of the ground in front of them, blocking their path.  The tree splits open and releases a horde of giant bugs, which immediately attack Galahad and Green Arrow.  The issue ends when Galahad is knocked into the tree, which pulls him down into its dark interior and seals him in, leaving Ollie alone against the giant bugs.

Krul has really created an interesting world and direction for Green Arrow.  It’s very independent from the rest of the DC Universe and feels like a really good fit for the character.  Krul has made Ollie a very interesting character to read.  Outwardly, he’s very confident and appears to know exactly what he’s doing (translation: badass).  But, when you read his inner monologue, you find out that Ollie has little idea what he’s doing or what’s going on in the magic forest, he just knows he needs to defend it.

Neves art suits the character very well.  His characters are very expressive and his action is well drawn, but not so manic that it’s hard to understand what’s going on in the panels.

Green Arrow is a great, new series and issue #9 is no exception.  This is going to make a really great omnibus someday.

Ian Candish