POW February 16th 2011:The Amazing Spider-man 654.1

Published on February 23rd, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for the Main Event? Then Let’s get ready to rumble! Sitting ringside this week is Simon, Sheldon and the Birthday boy himself Ken “The Killer” Zeider!Join them this week for what could only be described as the Pick Of the Week for February 16th 2011!

Listen as they give the blow by blow of new comics such as Silver Surfer#1,Thunderbolts#153,Wolverine#6, Uncanny X – Force#5,Hellblazer#276,Hulk#30,Daredevil:Reborn#2 just to name a few!

With the pick being of course The Amazing Spider-man # 654.1.Then in the final blow we find out that Sheldon doesn’t listen to Podcasts unless he is in them and both Ken and Ian are celebrating a birth this week! All this and the regular carnage you would expect from the boys over at Comic Impact with the Pick Of the Week!

Running Time:01:04:57
Music: Birthday Dethday – Dethklok

Sheldon Lee


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